Is Obama Putting Our Troops at Risk in Libya for Purely Political Motives? By Mrs. Right


One has to question why Obama is suddenly all gung ho to get our troops out of Afghanistan when he hasn’t seemed to be in a hurry previousy.  One also has to wonder what is the reason he sent troops to fight in Libya when there is no obvious security risk to the United States.  He refuses to get Congressional approval for our presence in Libya.  Now McCain and Kerry are bailing his butt out by proposing a measure to give approval for our military participation in Libya for one year.

Why would Obama so strongly want to get out of Afghanistan and yet have no problem getting into Libya?  Well, I propose that it is strictly for his own political gain.  Obama’s approval rating soared temporarily when Osama Bin Laden was killed.  I further put forth, that it would be just Obama’s style and mode of operation to put our troops in Libya in the hopes we kill Gaddafi and again see his approval rating rise.  He might even be so conniving to time it to happen just before the elections in November 2012.

Far-fetched?  Maybe…Maybe not!!

Mrs. Right

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