Is the year 2011 … or 1776 ?

Ahem …

“The world could not then have persuaded me
That I should be either a soldier or an author.
If I had any talents for either, they were buried in me,
And might ever have continued so, had not the necessity
Of the times dragged and driven them into action.
I had formed my plan of life, and conceiving
Myself happy, wished every body else so.
But when the country, …
Was set on fire about my ears, it was time to stir.
It was time for every man to stir.”

Thomas Paine
The American Crisis

David told you about the American Dream rally in Raleigh on Tuesday.

The theme of the rally is to prevent cuts in the Federal budget. 

Find the location of one of these MOVEON.ORG sponsored events near your home and stand your ground for Constitutionally limited central government.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)


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11 years ago

The country is on fire and the ashes of the American Spirit need to be rekindled. Are we a republic based on the rule of law or are we going to be led down the road to serfdom by an enfant terrible?

Only you are accountable for your actions in these times that try men’s souls. What’s in your heart?

Silence Dogood 2010
11 years ago

As of right now, only 170 people (that’s a Grand Total for the entire state of NC) have signed up on the page. Maybe our efforts to educate the people is paying off.

I will be attending the Heritage Activist training session tomorrow evening. I’ll try to take some good notes and post later. Good luck tomorrow.

Respectfully submitted by SD2010.