Israeli Attack on Iran Imminent?

Obama is preparing US facilities in the Middle East against repercussions of an Israeli attack on Iran. The failures last week by Obama, the Department of State and Tim Geithner to establish sanctions on Iran were a stark contrast with the successes achieved by Ahmadinejad in his Latin America tour. This administration has no credibility or respect around the world. Is this the beginning of a crisis that will not be wasted?

David DeGerolamo

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US prepping facilities for Israel attack on Iran

US defense officials concerned Israel will attack Iran over its nuclear program; Obama, US secretary of defense have warned Jerusalem of dangerous repercussions of strike.

The United States has begun taking measures to plan for a possible Israeli strike on Iran in order to protect US facilities in the region, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

The contingency planning comes as a result of concern within the US defense establishment that Israel is planning to attack Iran over the Islamic Republic’s reported nuclear armament program, according to the newspaper.

US President Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and other senior US officials have reportedly delivered messages through private channels to the Israeligovernment warning them about the dangerous repercussions of a military strike on Iran.

Washington is concerned that Iraqi Shi’ite militias may attack the US embassy in Baghdad at Iran’s behest. Some 15,000 US diplomats, federal employees and contractors remained Iraq after the last of its troops pulled out of the country late last year., the newspaper reported.

Tensions between Israel and the Islamic Republic spiked above normal this past week when an Iranian nuclear scientist was blown up in his car in Tehran in an attack that Iranian officials blamed on Israel.

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eric mcconnell
eric mcconnell
9 years ago

I believe that if Israel goes to war with Iran, the result will be a glowing, glass covered wasteland.
Whatever else is said about Israel, they know how to fight.

9 years ago

Geez,….US taxpayer subsidizes Israel @+$10 million per day that we know of.This not counting a recent $200 million for Israel’s Iron dome system. Another billion dollar US taxpayer funded project. If Obama does not want the Jewish state to attack Iran,why were Bunker buster bombs delived to Israel? How many hundreds of million did that rack up on US taxpayer?????

alex d
alex d
9 years ago

Do the anti -semities think that the islamist only want to destroy israel.the money israel gets is in grants that they spend buying military hardware made in the usa so get off this nonsense.