Jihad, Hiyal, and Boy Rape – Islam’s True Face

Taqiyya and Kitman – Both part of the Hiyal Islam — the “ingenious devices” with which they lie, obfuscate, evade, misdirect, and create/utilize loopholes in the law to obtain benefit for themselves, as well as for evading the (presumed) harm which would be caused by being honest with non-muslims, or even muslims of other sects (whose validity they deny — whom they call “false muslims”).

Do a search on al-ḥiyal wa-l-maḫārij if you want to understand how deep this chicanery runs in islam — it was already in use, less than a hundred years after Muhammad’s founding of the death-cult (all curses and shame be upon him). This Hiyal, is a fundamental part of the muslim mind, and makes it impossible for any muslim to accept or even contemplate the existence of an objective Truth. Period. As such, it is a large part of the reason that muslims cannot be “rehabilitated”.

Their adherence to a lie of this proportion, has actually caused malformation of their minds such that they are utterly unable to contemplate, let alone respect, the rights and dignity of non-muslim people — because they are incapable of contemplating us as “people” in the first place. Their entire minds are formed around a nucleus of three precepts —

1. Jihad — that is, War and Violence for the purpose of expanding muslim religious authority — is not only good, it is MANDATORY that all muslims participate in Jihad.

2. Violent sexual impulses are a “virtue” of muslim men, and are encouraged and rewarded in a number of ways. The purpose of cultivating these violent sexual impulses, is to make of every muslim man a dangerous weapon in search of a Kafer (infidel) target to destroy.

To placate that weapon until the time comes for it to be launched against the Kafer, forceful sexual conduct by muslim men with their wives, and with children and animals as well, is permitted and even encouraged, within certain ritual bounds.  This pervasive sexual abuse is technically against Sharia law, but by the use of Kitman (sometimes spelled  Ketman), legalistic excuses are exercised, and loopholes crafted even within their own (Sharia) law, so as to permit these acts of abomination.

Of particular note is that fact that muslim men forcefully penetrate muslim boys, and these boys are told that, when they are grown it will be their “right” as men of allah to do the same, thus very powerfully anchoring the mentality of sexual violence in the next generation, by way of this repeated traumatic sexual abuse.  This raping of boys is not a rarity; it is in fact so common in most parts of the muslim world so as to be “assumed” – that is, you can reasonably assume that the vast majority of muslim men were themselves raped as boys, and also taught at a young age that this abuse is “necessary, acceptable, and makes them powerful, as men”.

“He is more handsome than anyone in the village,” the 22-year-old farmer said, explaining why he is grooming the boy as a sexual partner and companion. There was another important factor that made Waheed easy to take on as a bacha bazi, or a boy for pleasure: “He doesn’t have a father, so there is no one to stop this.”

The concept of “consent” with regard to sex is utterly absent from muslim law, culture, or society – muslims consider only “Rights” and “Permission” — and both Rights and Permission arise from the premise of authority by ownership, not the presence of one’s inviolable humanity — According to islam, a husband owns his wife, and a father owns his children. Therefore, if a man gives permission to another man to take pleasure with what is his (his wife or child), then what is done is “lawfull”, according to Sharia (within certain ritual limits) and the Kitman which is applied to it.
And even more obscene, where there is no “owner”, there is no need to obtain permission.  So orphans and “street children” are essentially guaranteed to be abused, repeatedly and in the most violent manner, sometimes even resulting in their deaths.

3. Non-muslims are not human, and have no claim to any rights or protections, whether under Sharia Law, nor any other “law”.  Therefore, even the prohibitions against sexual abuse which exist in Sharia, and which are observed by most muslim men, do not apply to those victims who are not muslims.

muslim-boy-abuseBecause of these three core axioms of islamic society, and how deeply they inhabit all muslim thoughts and behaviors — muslims, and particularly MUSLIM MEN are incapable of living in any environment resembling Western Society, because they are ***INCAPABLE*** of comprehending, let alone obeying our laws.

islam-boy-2To be a muslim man requires participation in Jihad. Jihad requires committing violence against any and all non-muslims, towards the objective of subjugating them.
Sexual violence is a “right” of muslim men, and practicing sexual violence is a “virtue” so long as it remains within the ritual bounds taught by Muhammad — which more than permits, it specifically encourages sexual assault against any and every female Kafer (infidel), regardless of age, condition, or social status.
It also teaches that sexual violence against non-muslim children is a valid act of jihad – so our children will not be spared the abominable attacks of these murderous pedophiles.

Now, do the mass sexual assaults across Europe make more sense?


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Tom Angle
5 years ago

I know this is not new by any means. This is islam through and through. But I could send the like of the so called man in the bottom picture to hell in a heart beat and not even loos a bit of sleep. This stuff makes me dang near ill. There is more I would like to say, but I will not at this time.

Thanks LT for getting me fired up today.

5 years ago

So tell me if you’ve heard this one before,

A moderate muslim and a jihadi are walking together in a field.
They come upon a goat that has gotten it’s head stuck in the fence.
The jihadi first checks to make sure that it is not a recently converted muslim goat and that there is no sign of ownership.
After verification, the jihadi being the more dominant muslim of the two takes his violent sexual urges out on the goat first.
The moderate muslim now excited, says “That looks good. I get seconds”.
So the moderate muslim sticks his head in the fence. 🙂


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