Knowing Is Half The Battle

Who remembers the old GI Joe public service announcements that featured short life lessons for young people? They would show a good little right and wrong story and at the end would say “now you know, and knowing is half the battle”.

I had decided early on that if I began to write again that I would leave the politics to others and try to focus on skills and tools that Survivalists and Preppers would appreciate. This does not mean that in my personal life I do not study what is happening in the world and use it in my efforts. The reason is that I have no desire to be just another blogger sounding alarms. You already know that things are bad and are going to get much worse or you would not be here. Others are already doing a great job of keeping us all informed and showing the nuances of today’s political landscape.

We all are painfully aware that there is a very large portion of the former united states which would go along rather easily with removing semi automatic weapons from legal status. Heck, there is a significant number who would remove all privately owned weapons from legal status. While we can discuss the various ways that this could or could not be accomplished, the facts are that we could very well be criminals for non compliance in the future. This is certainly possible since the House was taken by collectivists and the Senate is infected with deep state RINOs. Another way would be by states and cities enacting their own laws banning firearms and magazines which we see from several states and cities already.

This is not going to be a treatise on the “how” it could go or be done. It is not going to be an argument for any certain scenario or possibility. One thing I have seen in the last 20 or so years is that politics and politicians will get onerous things done by hook or crook and the courts nor our body of representation will attempt to block it.

What I want to say here is more about our psychology and our grit than about world leaders and Liberty killing law. More about knowing, and understanding yourself than your enemy. Knowing is half the battle, right?

I see it every day in different circles. Men beating their chests and crowing about how they will shoot gun grabbing LE and feds in the face if they announce a ban on ownership of certain firearms. I get it, I do, and I get incensed at the thought of some mealy mouthed politico deciding to decree that a right has been “rescinded”.

Let me tell you why you better have more of an actual plan than this. Surviving a stack on your doorstep is probably not how this will go. Having MRAPS rolling down Maple St. hauling jackboots who have orders to search every house is probably in the realm of fiction. While I have no doubt that targeted strikes would happen, mass confiscation via door to door is simply too monumental a task.

 No, what will happen is that the penalties will be so heavy and the risk so great, people who do not turn weapons over to collection centers would simply be too afraid to ever let them see the light of day. A ban on owning semi auto rifles would not be as much about collecting them up as it would be about driving the use into the realm of contraband.

You will probably not be killed on the glorious field of battle facing the .mil or forces of evil……but you absolutely could be arrested and made an example because you slipped up and told someone you have a Bushmaster buried in the yard or a conscientious neighbor saw you carrying a blanket wrapped object to your barn that looked a lot like a rifle.

I really doubt that in the beginning there will be any battles. I believe it will be a further slip toward darkness, just like most other countries have seen, and people will simply be driven underground in their firearm ownership. We see this with the drug culture, we saw it with the bootleggers and we will see it with guns.

Where does this leave you?

Have you discussed with your spouse what you would do? Have you thought about it in detail? Have you any plan of action figured out beyond “I will not comply”?

I don’t have any specific answers for your specific circumstances. There are just too many variables for anyone to offer specifics. What I will offer is that you need to have some absolutes already decided and that your loved ones should know and understand what they are. You should be building tribe with people who share your ideals and they should share your convictions and logistical plan.

There are plenty of other places where you can get ideas about action. Being a guerrilla is all fun and games until it’s time to do guerrilla $%!+. I won’t detail how to hang traitors from lamp posts here or how easy it is to ruin some local communist’s mind with a quiet .22 solid. These things certainly will happen without any input from me. My point is that planning trumps reaction every time. Waiting around with Old Glory in one hand and your AK in the other is not a plan.

We are facing a dark future. One thing that is shown again and again is that people who are disarmed are at the whim of those who don’t. You as a gun owner/prepper/survivalist have to come to grips with what you are willing to do (and not do) and what you are willing to endure to see that you hold to your decisions. Simply deciding to not comply is just the first step. Now the real hard decisions come.

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2 years ago

When the Schumer hits the fan, and it will; if you are not in a “gang” of hard-hearted friends, you will definitely be killed by a gang.

And, Yes, I do believe it will be “that bad”…..but if it is not, you are still miles ahead, aren’t you ?)

Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
2 years ago

You seem an interesting fellow Lawless! I’d like to talk to you