Man, America is asleep in a bad way

Representing America's Remedy!

Representing America’s Remedy!

So I’m standing in a line of about 20-30 people at the license plate office to get a new sticker for one of our trust’s vehicles. I look at the little old lady and blue collar looking guy behind me and I jokingly say, “Boy, they must be selling a fantastic product here for everybody to want one so badly! Look at all the customers!” ….and….NOTHING. I mean these people had NO IDEA what I was talking about. Wow.

So I thought, well, maybe I need to step this up. Surely all of these people aren’t asleep. So I see a little grumbling in front of me. A black woman, a tan fellow and another blue collar looking guy were in front of me and start complaining about how hot it was in there (seriously, it was like 82 degrees). The tan guy goes, “she’s talking on the phone, and she’s got all these customers in line”. So I yell out “yeah, and I’m having to buy something I don’t even want in the first place!” ….and….LAUGHTER! LOL.. I actually get some chuckles. They ask me what I’m there for. “I’m here to buy a sticker!…A $40 dollar sticker!….and it doesn’t even have a smiley face to make me feel good!” More laughter. Alright, now we’re rollin. “I’m here to get a sticker to put on my car so I can drive around in a free country!”


Then the guy in front of me goes, “it ain’t free any more.”

I’m amazed at how much prodding it took. Man, America is asleep in a bad way. It ain’t the politicians my friend. People don’t even remember what the word LIBERTY means. We aren’t even close to fighting back at this point.

Cliff Muncy

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