Matt Bracken Outlines New York’s Penalties for Regular Magazines

Here are some of the felonies that the state of New York now considers less harmful to society than the simple possession of a standard-capacity pistol or rifle ammunition magazine, which is now a class D felony. These standard-capacity magazines have been legally owned by millions of law-abiding New Yorkers until 2013, and they are the exact same types of magazines still carried by every New York police officer.

If you are a New Yorker and you still own a standard-capacity ammunition magazine capable of carrying more than ten cartridges, your government now considers you more of a threat to society than felons guilty of: criminally negligent homicide, 3rd degree rape, criminal sexual acts, forcible sexual touching, persistent sexual abuse, aggravated sexual abuse, luring a child, female genital mutilation, unlawful imprisonment, and 4th degree arson.

How about that?

Matt Bracken

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8 years ago

I consider a communist-leaning politician violating his oath of office worse than rape, arson, etc.
I guess we’re even.