North Carolina Under Attack

Rev. Barber

North Carolina is under attack on both a state and national level. We saw one example in Wake County, NC when the Republican led School Board was ousted by a nationally organized campaign which resulted in the current Democrat led School Board. For people unaware of the consequences of this “campaign”, the new school board fired Tony Tata at a cost to taxpayers of over $250,000. Former Brig. Gen. Tata is now Secretary of the Department of Transportation for North Carolina. The relationship between the School Board and the County Commissioners is so contentious, legislation was filed (and defeated) by the state’s General Assembly to allow the County to take over the management of the school system.

So where does that leave us now? Rev. Barber is taking exception to voter reform passed in North Carolina and will be filing lawsuits along with the ACLU. Although this is not surprising, the following story is an example of the national recognition that this legislation has spawned. The Democrat presidential candidate for 2016, Hillary Clinton, has weighed in by calling it  “the greatest hits of voter suppression.”

Voter fraud is prevalent across the country. North Carolina stood up and corrected many loopholes in the system. Will it impact the next presidential election? Why do you think Hillary is commenting on this legislation. As for the Rev. Barber’s efforts: pride and evil will always be fighting against the Lord.

David DeGerolamo

NC governor signs measure requiring voter ID

North Carolina’s governor on Monday quietly signed a measure into law that overhauls the state’s election laws to require government-issued photo IDs at the polls and to shorten early voting, moves that drew stinging criticism and threats of legal action from the NAACP and other groups.

The American Civil Liberties Union joined two other groups in announcing that they were filing suit against key parts of the package. This came hours after Republican Gov. Pat McCrory said in a statement that he had signed the measure, without a ceremony and without journalists present.

Republicans lawmakers who backed the measure said it was meant to prevent voter fraud, which they allege is both rampant and undetected in North Carolina. Independent voting rights groups joined Democrats and libertarians in suggesting the true goal was to suppress voter turnout, especially among traditional Democratic constituencies such as blacks, the young, the elderly and the poor.

“It is a trampling on the blood, sweat and tears of the martyrs — black and white — who fought for voting rights in this country,” said the Rev. William Barber, president of the state chapter of the NAACP, which is pressing its own legal challenge. “It puts McCrory on the wrong side of history.”

On Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the North Carolina election law amounted to “the greatest hits of voter suppression.” She addressed the issue of voting rights during a speech at the American Bar Association meeting in San Francisco.


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