October Surprise?

I’m bogged down with other things at the moment, so I will apologize for making this brief –

I am certain that there will be at least one October surprise, but unfortunately I can’t tell you what it will be.  Tops of my list of potentials at the moment are:

– Military build up in the mid-east, with intents to force Syria and Iran into complacent postures.  This may result in American boots in Syria, and/or Iranian capitulation to IAEA inspections and possibly even “mothballing” of the Iranian nuclear weapons program (temporarily).  An agreement of this kind with Iran would be a big win for campaign Obama, and would also directly benefit Iran, since they would clearly prefer Obama’s (well known) appeasement policy to whatever Romney might do over the next 4 years.

– Gas prices rising to the unsustainable point.  This would be a big hit for campaign Obama, and a clear signal that the crony-capitalists have changed their bet to the Romney camp.  While this would favor the Romney campaign, it would signal that Romney has ‘signed on’ to certain policy items which will not benefit the American public.

– Breaking News regarding demonstrable election fraud, traceable back to one of the Soros/Obama organizations such as Acorn and/or Open Society Foundation.  This would be an obvious game changer, but as with any inherently political act, attempted election fraud would be subject to an astounding amount of spin once revealed, and the implications are not as readily controllable as some might anticipate – it could just as easily back-fire on those revealing it, as on those allegedly perpetrating it.  In short, it must be considered [should it arise], as potentially a feint within a feint, and ultimately will serve only to muddy the waters and destroy the credibility of the electoral outcome, overall.

– Israel taking unilateral action against any of its neighbors – this is a wild card, but not as far fetched as it might at first sound.  The IDF has been aggressively preparing itself for large-scale operations, and the Israeli will to act pre-emptively, given a real and imminent threat, should not be questioned.

– False flag attack(s) against a Presidential candidate and/or member(s) of their family(ies).  Again, a total wild card, but not out of the question, considering the dangerous rhetoric from the NBPP, Louis Farrakhan, and other fringe groups.  Remember, most assassination attempts have been undertaken by ‘lone gunmen’ who provided little or no means of detection before the fact.  It is strange that, from the days of Lincoln’s assassination to the present, a conspiracy has “never been uncovered” which reveals who indoctrinated, funded, or otherwise facilitated the ‘lone gunmen’ of our history.  Alas, even Presidents are but pawns in the struggle for global power…

There are more, but these are the top five which I am currently tracking.

Be prepared!

~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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9 years ago

David have you seen this?
Obama Campaign Staffer Helping Activist Vote Twice Caught