On Killing

From MarketTicker.org – How many of you have ever killed another living thing?  I mean up close and personal.  Not eating a hamburger that was in a package in the store, or grilling some chicken breasts that were all nicely-packaged in cellophane?  And I’m not talking about smashing a mosquito, spraying a hornet’s nest with wasp spray or similar or taking a shovel to a rattlesnake in the back yard either.

I mean killing something that is nominally able to process information and react to its surroundings.  Something that can process the emotion of fear.  And when I mean “you”, I mean you.  You did it.  With an implement of death that you wielded, whether it be your bare hands, a knife, a gun, or something else.

How often have you done it?  And has it ever gone wrong?

If you’ve never done it, you don’t know what “gone wrong” means.  If you have as a part of your life, you do, because you’ve experienced it.  And right about now, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You can hunt with a gun for quite a while before something “goes wrong.”  But if you’ve hunted for a while, you’ve been there.  You shoot the animal and it doesn’t drop all nice and neat where it stands, like you see on the hunting TV shows or in the movies.

Uh uh.

You shoot, and the animal is hit.  But it doesn’t crumple in a heap.  It runs.  It screams.  It bleeds.  It is mortally wounded, but it’s not dead.  Not yet anyway.  And you have to finish the job, in one way or another.  There’s still a certain detachment though about using a gun. Even a BB gun in the back yard shooting a squirrel.  It’s a distance thing.  Yes, you see the results, but the act still takes place at a distance.

So my question is, are you prepared to do this, regularly and reliably?  Are you mentally prepared for a gruesome death scene in which *you* are the immediate deliverance of another living thing, saving it from great pain by killing it swiftly?  Can you do it without malice or anger, and without letting your frustration cause even more error as you amend that horrible wounding into a clean death?  Are you prepared to physically chase down that wounded animal to do this?   What about if it is a human being?  What about when you are already under the most profound life-or-death stress, such as when your family’s lives are at stake?  How about when you have already been doing this dance of death on a near daily basis for 4, 6, 8 weeks, or more ?

I ask on the foundation that a fall of society may come, for if society falls into anarchy and you are not fully prepared to face the grim reality of playing your part, center-stage with death, on a regular basis, then you will not remain sane for very long, and that means you will perish; you will succumb to someone more prepared for this reality than you are.  Most likely, you will fall to a “raider”; a criminal who is already desensitized to violence when the fall comes, and for whom inflicting death as part of his daily business is a natural transition.

READ THE ARTICLE and absorb the implications in the context of living though a violent, chaotic  period in the life of our nation.  You will be defending your home, your neighborhood.  You will be foraging and hunting for food.  Doctors and hospitals will probably, for a time at least, be out of reach or simply not in operation due to shortages of supplies and staff.  Under these circumstances, you will be obliged to kill whatever you wound, because even if you accidentally wound a neighbor, the choice will be the same – a quick painless death at your hands, or a gruesome, drawn out death by the circumstances already set in motion.

Be prepared

~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

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donald rutledge
donald rutledge
8 years ago

well written brother