#PardonJulian and the #TrumpSlide

Julian Assange is a political prisoner who should be guaranteed safe passage to and refuge in America.

If Trump promises to give Julian Assange a full presidential pardon and refugee status in the United States, Trump wins in a landslide.


The hoaxing media has tried to ignore the corruption exposed on Wikileaks, as it implicates the media and exposes them as PR agents for the DNC. We forced the media to cover Wikileaks through the power of social media, which is why the DNC hacked Twitter today.

Trump’s promising to #PardonJulian will become news. The media will be furious. This is a news cycle.  When we don’t create news cycles, the media creates their own news cycles based on hoaxes. We must always be on the offense. Make the hoaxing media respond to us.

Source – http://www.dangerandplay.com/2016/10/21/how-to-guarantee-a-trump-landslide-pardonjulian/

I’m not saying that Trump will make a good president.  I’m not even saying that trump is particularly trustworthy.  I’m saying that Trump is our only chance to block Hillary from assuming the title and authority of pResident – with all the evil such a proposition carries.

Success in blocking Hillary’s campaign will not come without action.  The time for that action is now.  This is a good example of what we must all be doing, to prevent the consummation of the Clinton/Bush/Soros plan.

Failure to act, is to act.

Failure to speak out against something, is to speak acquiescence to that thing.

Failure to protect from imminent violence, is to pardon that violence.



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