Psaki Makes Declarative Statement About Vaccine Passports (Except That Might Not Be All)

Strength bears benefits.

There’s been a strong response against the concept of vaccine passports after the Biden folks tried to float the idea last week and see how it played.

Both Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have come out strongly against the government being involved in any such thing and DeSantis also condemned any move by the private sector to lock out part of society or to try to control movement in that way.

Even the World Health Organization is against it, because of concerns about inequity and some people being locked out of society.

All that opposition appears to have forced the federal government’s hand, at least on the surface officially. Jen Psaki clarified today they would not be officially trying to mandate a government-controlled vaccine passport.

That sounds good, right?

Except this is more about covering their own backsides from any backlash and letting the private sector take the lead on it, in essence, forcing compliance because ‘everyone is doing it’ rather than by government mandate. They’ll just provide “guidance” to the private sector, Psaki said. Oh. Translation: we’ll still be pushing for it.

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10 days ago

No federal mandate but they’re “working” with private businesses to implement the rules. Semantics.

9 days ago
Reply to  Hope

Exactly. Semantics, indeed.
No “federal” mandate for a “single” vaccination record; … BUT …
There WILL be a federal mandate stating that you MUST have a STATE vaccine passport for things like:
Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, Medicaid, entering federal property (like a post office), getting a tax refund, international travel, air travel, gun ownership, any interstate travel, etc, etc.
The rest will be taken care of by corporations; so, without the vax passport (tied, no doubt, to your State issued driver’s license) there will be no buying and selling for you.
Reading comprehension is lacking over at Redstate, or naivete is rampant, one or the other.

10 days ago

I believe she also is a Chinese plant, reading off notes sent from them it seems.. Look up “Saki” definition! Maybe the P first was for PLANTed Monkey’s. Jk..
Sums it up though..bunch of monkey’s running the WH! SMH

9 days ago

The “Internal Passport” is a key goal of the (((communists))) along with a ‘cashless’ ‘social credit score system’ run by the (((banks))). “government” will have limited direct participation in it, other than Allowing it to Happen.
All Prohibitions on Travel, Finances, “buying and selling” will only create both an ‘underground economy’ Far Bigger than now, as well as result in Violent Pushback by enough ‘Cancelled’ individuals to start to Hurt the system.
Even if they can get all the ‘christians’ to line up and take (((their))) ‘mark of the beast’, too many people Will Not Comply.

Buuuut…. the Guns have to be Confiscated, first. commies haven’t thought that one through, apparently.