Radiation Poisoning vs. Global Warming

It has always bothered me that we give radiation treatment for cancer cures yet are told radiation exposure will kill us. Ann Coulter wrote a column last week that put things in perspective. So I went on a research tour. Sure enough, the radiation story is yet more fear mongering. I implore everyone to do their own research. Don’t take my word for these facts.

The two most renowned incidents of radiation exposure until the Japanese earthquake in the world’s history remain our bombing of Japan and Chernobyl. Here are the facts as given by scientists. Washington University of St. Louis quotes The Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF), who has been studying the effects from the bombing in 1945 since then, in a study the University did. They claim there must be thousands of deaths related to these bombings yet, cannot come up with any hard evidence that cancer rates are anymore significant than within the general population. In fact, they include deaths of 90 year old survivors who died from cancer as “related” to the bombings. Really? One would think that 65 years of study would produce something but it hasn’t. In their own words, the studies are “inconclusive.”  By the way, cancer treatment uses thousands of rads, the people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki received about 220 rads. And the people who die after treatment usually die from the cancer, not the exposure to radiation.

Chernobyl is a more recent example and opportunity for study. Greenpeace claims there will be at least 270,000 cases of radiation caused cancer with as many as 750,000. And 90,000 or more fatalities will occur. The problem is, we must wait 10 years for these cancers to accumulate. Oh yeah, it’s been 10 years. The only confirmed deaths directly attributed to the nuclear plant explosion are, to date 31. 237 suffered injuries.   These were caused by the explosion, not radiation. These figures come from WHO. We all know what their agenda is so if they give these kind of figures, can anyone seriously believe Greenpeace and the MSM? Animals were not removed from the area of the Chernobyl plant yet there are no abnormalities found in any of them even today.

My conclusion is that this story, like the global warming story, the DDT story, the saccharine story, ad nauseam, is fabricated science designed by fear mongerers. Sadly, everyone has bought into these lies and considers them facts because no one ever questioned them, until now. I know I did. Do your own research and question authority.

Larry Porter

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Richard Fox
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