Signs of COVID Injection Failure Mount


  • In the U.K., symptomatic COVID-19 cases among “vaccinated” individuals have risen 40% in one week, reaching an average rate of 15,537 new infections a day being detected. Meanwhile, symptomatic COVID-19 cases among the unvaccinated has declined by 22% and is now at a current daily average of 17,588
  • This suggests the wave among unvaccinated has peaked and that natural herd immunity has set in, while “vaccinated” individuals are actually becoming more prone to infection
  • Data show countries with the highest COVID injection rates are also experiencing the greatest upsurges in cases, while countries with the lowest injection rates have the lowest caseloads
  • 100 fully injected crew members had tested positive onboard the British Defense aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. The Navy ship has a case rate of 1 in 16 — the highest case rate recorded. This suggests vaccine-induced herd immunity is impossible, as these injections apparently cannot prevent COVID-19 even if 100% of a given population gets them
  • It is mathematically impossible for COVID shots to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 infection. The four available COVID shots in the U.S. provide an absolute risk reduction between just 0.7% and 1.3%. Meanwhile, the noninstitutionalized infection fatality ratio across age groups is a mere 0.26%. Since the absolute risk that needs to be overcome is lower than the absolute risk reduction these injections can provide, mass vaccination simply cannot have a favorable impact

In recent weeks, a number of signs have emerged indicating the COVID-19 injections cannot put an end to COVID-19 outbreaks. In the July 15, 2021, video report above, Dr. John Campbell reviews data coming out of the U.K. On a side note, I do not agree with everything Campbell says in this video, such as promoting mask wearing, for example. It’s his data review that is of interest here.

As noted in the video, as of July 15, 87.5% of the adult population in the U.K. had received one dose of COVID-19 “vaccine” and 67.1% had received two. Yet symptomatic cases among partially and fully “vaccinated” are now suddenly on the rise, with an average of 15,537 new infections a day being detected, a 40% increase from the week before.

Meanwhile, the daily average of new symptomatic cases among unvaccinated is 17,588, down 22% from the week before. This suggests the wave among unvaccinated has peaked and that natural herd immunity has set in, while “vaccinated” individuals are becoming more prone to infection.

U.K. hospitals are confirming double-injected patients are part of the patient population being treated for active COVID infection, and two cities have issued public warnings to their residents, letting them know they may end up in the hospital even if they’ve been double-injected against COVID-19.

“There are currently 15 patients in hospital with COVID across the Trust; last month there were none,” The Yorkshire Post reported1 July 9, 2021. An undisclosed number of them had received two doses of COVID “vaccine.”

“The message I would like to share with you all is that some of their patients are double vaccinated,” Heather McNair, chief nurse at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals, told the Post.2

“This is a disease that can still affect you and still make you poorly when you are double vaccinated. We have got a ward at the moment full of COVID patients in our hospital and that is not going away anytime soon.”

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NC Rob
NC Rob
2 months ago

OH NO! LONG COVID (is that related to long pig?)!

THE SKY IS FALLING! EVERYONE GET THE SHOT (since it will prevent covid….by inducing death).

Thomas Angle
Thomas Angle
2 months ago
Reply to  NC Rob

I tired of listening to this fool.

Last edited 2 months ago by Thomas Angle
2 months ago

And just like that, REAL scientific data gets slammed into the public’s faces.
So here we go again. Lockdown, Phase 2: forced vaccines (BECAUSE they say so, not because it makes any scientific sense), face diapers back on, vaccine passports, and more. And all of the school-age kiddos will have to line up for forced jabs or they can’t go to school. BECAUSE they say so.
I would seriously like to know how all of the elitists have been spared the ravages of COVID that all of the world’s commoners have gotten.

Otis D
Otis D
2 months ago

it was never about our health.

2 months ago

There is so much misinformation in this talk that it’s impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • PCR tests do NOT test for infection
  • Resultant “cases” do NOT mean illnesses
  • The “virus” has never been isolated and may not exist
  • Virtually everything the gov’t says is a lie
  • Virtually everything “health experts” say is a lie
  • People are dying of NATURAL CAUSES that are called “COVID”
  • The “vaccine” is EXPERIMENTAL
  • The “vaccine” is DEADLY
  • The “vaccine” has killed far more people than the “virus”

This isn’t, and never has been, about health. It is about CONTROL!

2 months ago

“Signs of COVID Injection Success mount…”
This is a Binary-Type Bioweapons Attack -- just like a Binary Chemical Warfare agent, where two relatively harmless Chemicals are Mixed to form a Toxic Agent, the ‘vaccine’ AND the ‘coronavirus’ are PATENTED Biological Agents, that when Ingested/Injected, perform as a Dangerous Chemical to attack many organs of the body.

ANYONE who is Dumb enough to have fallen for the (((propaganda))) that the so-called ‘vaccine’ is Safe, and the ‘coronavirus’ is Dangerous, has just signed their own Darwin Card, and deserves No Respect or Sympathy whatsoever.

ALL ‘politicians’ and other (((creatures))) like Fauci who Promote this Bioweapon are nothing less than Enemies of the Human Race, and need to be Eliminated without Mercy- just like Trapping Rats and Squashing Bugs.

2 months ago

I will not continue debating facts and covering ground already covered, that means you are losing. Wait. But, but, but…Peoples minds are made up, our minds are made up what is real. Enough. Full stop. This is accomplishing nothing but spreading covidian/mask/killshot fatigue. It serves no purpose any longer. Who is your nfo op aimed at? Find something more useful to share or just dont and spend your time more constructively on personal endeavors.