Sorry, But Just…No

“To set up this Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance triple play, WRSA linked to an American Partisan article posted by NC Scout, the gist of which was a link to an SF article on prolonged casualty care, and the “guerrilla hospital”.

Presumably in the context of people thinking of some sort of grid-down problem, long- or short-term, anywhere in a spectrum from between post-Katrina ugliness all the way to full flaming Zombpocalypse, including in the intermediate range, moderate to severe civil unrest/guerrilla warfare in CONUS.

Probably 95% or more of casual readers who follow that will be thinking, “Yessirree, we’re gonna need us one of them there go-rilla hospitals!”

Sorry, kids, you won’t be having any of that.

The article in the OP was concerned with actual SF medics, with access to modern drugs, satellite communications, air drops, a logistical tail that reaches any point on the globe, given enough time, and ultimately the entire US military’s medical behemoth for back-up, sooner or later.

You. Won’t. Have. Any. Of. That.

You won’t have anesthesia. You won’t have analgesia, except moonshine or weed, in all likelihood. So without those two things, you won’t have surgery of any type other than “Civil War v1.0″-type. Complete with bone saws, sepsis, and spurting arteries after amputations.”

Continue reading on Aesop’s site…

A thought… if you have ANY medical knowledge, you will be quite valuable WTSHTF. Start learning some stuff now, including what you can substitute for your blood pressure medicine, diabetes, and get THIS BOOK – The Survival Medicine Handbook.

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Rabbi Will McCubbins
Rabbi Will McCubbins
8 months ago

No kidding. You better plant a hyssop plant in your yard! Otherwise you got nothing at all. Modern medicine has already been turned into a wepon , so you think you’ll have any friends in that system when a “real” problem occurs?

8 months ago

I disagree with Aesop on this. I get what he is saying and I think its worth stating it so that you have the other extreme of the potential situation.
I think current conflicts in the world do not bear out what he is saying.
There are many many videos and stories online showing the current state of trauma care in Syria and the Ukraine during the civil conflicts. While I believe that we can expect shortages and some things being unavailable I think setting us back to Civil war era care is just not reality. Its not going to be THAT bad. There is surely potential for mass casualties and widespread loss of life. I just think that people have a very high level of awareness to the need for care and that will drive demands for safe locations and treatment sites. We might lose supplies and equipment, but we dont lose knowledge. Medical care providers will be even more important in the situation and their knowledge will be like gold. The take away from this is that we need stockpiles of supplies and gear to assist those who have the knowledge.

8 months ago

Doesn’t e-Sap the Doomsayer endorse the Coronahoax?
Like Grenadier says, I Doubt that things go from ‘normal’ to “War Between the States-era ‘medicine’, even over a long period of Time. If things Degrade beyond a certain point, I expect that some people in the ‘medical-industrial complex’ will Bail and Take whatever they Can, and ‘set up Shop’ as Independents- Doctor or Not.
As for “Battlefield Trauma”, no, You are not going to have Helicopter Medevacs and everything Downstream from there. This is what a Tourniquet and the Last Grenade is for- Get one last More of the Bastards.
p.s. My Horse Vet has a Yuuuuge Stockpile of “Good Stuff” and Gear, and is Great with Cuts, Stitching, Puncture Wounds and Abdominal Surgery. And Don’t Forget, “Invermectin” Cures the Mexican Beer Flu, and Worms in your Horse….