Syria is the Appetizer, Iran will be the Main Course…

As I have been warning for some time, the US cannot resist becoming involved in Syria.  This is part of a bigger play, in fact it is part of a proxy war between the three super powers of the world – The US, Russia, and China.  It is not about who governs in a country that is smaller than many US states, and it certainly isn’t about human rights, there or anywhere else.  Just as the dispute between the US and Iran is NOT about nuclear weapons – the Iranian sanctions are about Iran’s refusal to participate in the Petro-dollar hegemony, not about nukes.

Similarly, the conflict in Syria is all about abandonment of the Petro-dollar hegemony by Russia and China, and their increasingly overt attempts to undermine the US-Dollar as the reserve currency – when they have weakened the US dollar sufficiently, they will fight among themselves to seize the prize of being the new purveyor of the reserve currency.

Syria is but a proxy, as Iran is, for the conflict between these three super-powers as they vie for currency and fiscal supremacy of the world.  Make no mistake, these conflicts in Syria and Iran will continue to escalate, as the real purpose behind all the posturing is to force the weakest party to “blink first” in what amounts to a 5th-Gen unconventional war with three primary combatants.

The US has supported the Syrian Rebel forces since the beginning…first secretly, and in a progressively more open fashion, leading to direct US involvement.  The media war to convince the US population that intervention is necessary has now been prosecuted to the point where Obama believes he can get away with committing US forces… this is the same MO that the Obama administration used in Libya – and in the immediate instance of Syria, it will go at least as far as in the Libyan case, and probably much further, because the stakes are much higher this time.

And do not forget that Russia has warned the West, and the US in particular, that intervention in Syria and/or Iran will escalate to a larger war, perhaps even a Nuclear War.

Russia will Use Nukes if necessary


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