T.L. Davis: Every Tool

12 Round Productions is more than a film and book company, more than a media company. At this late date it seems reasonable to share a little of what is important about 12 Round Productions, i.e., the coming turbulence.

The associations we have made through this blog, and previous blogs as well, the value and presence of Western Rifle Shooters Association in our support team, has formed a bit of a community. Through patcons, we’ve met a lot of people, not always as the official company, but as individuals. WRSA Radio, while not associated with 12 Round per se, it’s a fantastic site for information and upholds our ideals of multi-faceted communication and intel so, we support it and many others.

With the help and consideration of this community, we’ve been able to put out a red pill film, Lies of Omission, that was so far ahead of its time that we are working on a reboot necessitated by changing technical requirements for streamers like Amazon, Hulu, Roku, etc., whether those technical requirements are due to its message, or legitimate advancements, we don’t know. Lies of Omission was so far ahead that almost every quote from five years ago is still relevant and probably more important now. The reboot allows us to shift the focus, just a degree or two, and it could have been compiled yesterday.

Assuming that video streamers are not going to shut down, or completely lose their sense of revenue, we can expect to keep Lies of Omission in the zeitgeist for quite awhile and even if they totally ban this content, that only raises other streamers that will embrace it specifically because it got banned from theirs.

The books, Rebel, especially, because it exposes the planned indoctrination of schools completely obvious in the 70s, Shadow Soldier, Home to Texas and the upcoming sequel to Rebel, Duty, Darkness and Deliverance, present Western civilization and the demand and need for freedom and individual autonomy. They demonstrate the mentality needed to survive and be independent and hopefully inspire some of those who live through the next couple of years.

But we still need to build it out, develop it further. The changes that are coming will require intrepid investigators and reporters digging into things, filming things that the communist rulers don’t want to be revealed. Morale drives resistance and it needs to be bolstered on occasion by successes filmed and distributed, if even by thumbdrive or SD cards hidden in seams that will survive a search. There is intelligence that can be imbedded in otherwise seemingly innocuous film clips. I really don’t want to expose every utility a film company might be able to provide a resistance, but I hope the readers of this can grok that out themselves.

Also, now located in Texas, we believe we’re on the winning side. While many deride the suggestion of secession, they don’t seem to have trouble imagining a civil war. Okay, civil war and maybe not by states themselves, but individuals within those states that make up the majority. A dirty civil war, even. Is it really that difficult to imagine the utility of a legitimate film company, maybe forced to do propaganda most of the time, but secretly filming acts of resistance to embed or otherwise convey to the resistance troops? How long have the communists been undermining America within their messages built into entertainment? It works the other way, too.

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