Ten Years of Blood and Treasure

Ten years after the September 11th attacks from al-Qaida/Taliban forces in Afghanistan, the United States has “reported” approved a plan to begin formal peace talks. Let’s make this easy: burn the poppy fields. The United States has turned a blind eye to the Afghani opium trade which is funding the Taliban. Does anyone think that the opinion of the United States and our soldiers in Afghanistan would change if we destroyed their drug trade?

Ten years of our blood and treasure has been reduced to capitulating to illiterate opiate farmers and terrorists. When we fund terrorism with oil, opium or cocaine trafficking, we will always come out on the losing side. The United States has become the paper tiger that al-Qaida said we were.

David DeGerolamo

Taliban to be brought in from the cold

The United States has reportedly approved a plan to allow the Taliban to open a political office in Qatar to enable formal peace talks to begin.

The U.K.’s Times newspaper said officials in Washington had agreed that the office could open by the end of 2011. However, the Taliban still had concerns that its representatives at the office in the Gulf state might be arrested.

A Western diplomatic source told the paper the office “will not be an embassy or a consulate, but a residence where they can be treated like a political party.”

“It will be an address where they have a political office,” the diplomat added.


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