Texas Has Become Venezuela

h/t Ace of Aces

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Ace of Aces
1 month ago

πŸ™ God HELP America, beginning with Texas! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
The more detailed version…
Hearing Crystal Clear -- Last Call To Take A Stand For Humanity (lbry.tv)
Whatever the case… this is a waste of skin…
Joe Biden -- Body Double or Replaced? (lbry.tv)

Ace of Aces
1 month ago

The Highwire report with Del Bigtree’s.
Many Californian’s have migrated into Texas to find a safer state, Del and his family was one of those family’s.
THE LONE STAR IN CRISIS (bitchute.com)

Ace of Aces
1 month ago

Thank You David DeGerolamo -- this will be shared… blessings…
NC Renegade Videos and Links | NC Renegades

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
1 month ago

My understanding is that ERCOT was ready to increase its spinning electrical reserve in anticipation for the geo-engineered epic snow storm but the corrupt, and compromised China Joe’s acting secretary of the energy department forbid Texas to increase its electrical spinning reserve unless Texas purchased the extra reserve from out of state green energy sources such as wind and solar at very high rates.
So, before everyone compares Texas to Venezuela you should ask acting Secretary of Energy David G. Huizenga why he would not allow Texas to increase its electrical spinning reserve with energy from coal and oil? Texas has plenty of both.
The whole issue for inadequate electrical spinning reserve could have been avoided had David Huizenga issued a temporary exemption that was requested by Texas. But for David Huizenga it was more important to follow the green energy agenda then it was to save lives.
It seems that the corrupt and compromised China Joe’s administration is determined to punish Texas.
Ask why, after 4 days China Joe had a special press announcement stating that he talked to the Texas Governor to let him know that the federal government would do everything possible to help Texas. Did China Joe not know that his acting secretary of energy was directly responsible for the deaths of many Texas? Or was China Joe really doing a slight of hand to make people believe that his administration was really helping Texas, even though the department of energy was the largest contributor for the electrical outages.
The scariest word in the english language are; “We are from the federal government, we are here to help you.”
Remember the name, David G. Huizenga


[…] BTW: Its going to get worse before it gets better Texas Has Become Venezuela […]

1 month ago

Texas needs to secede from the communist union, Once they do others will follow NO MORE USA

1 month ago

If Trump was still president during this debacle it’d be Impeachment #3