The Silence of Julian Assange and The Dead Man’s Switch


Where is Julian Assange? He hasn’t been seen or heard from since October 14th.  Throughout years of harassment and exile, he has never ceased to make his voice heard and his presence felt.  Until now, that is.

Since we last saw Assange, a series of cryptic tweets from Assange’s twitter account were published between 7pm and 7:30pm on October 16th – the texts are 64-character long, seemingly random alphanumeric sequences, prefaced with the words “Pre-Commitment”.  The first of these cryptic tweets is also prefaced with the words “John Kerry”, the second with the word “Ecuador”, and the third with “UK FCO”.

These sequences appear to be encryption keys, which could be used by unknown third parties possessing encrypted copies of the Wikileaks information, to decrypt and use the “safety copies” of the Wikileaks data, which Julian Assange has repeatedly hinted at the existence of throughout his 4+ year exile in the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

As I was writing this I was wondering, is Julian Assange the latest victim of Hillary Clinton’s well-documented murder trail?

But then I looked at the news this morning, only to learn that Gavin MacFadyen, a director of the Wikileaks program and founder of the Center for Investigative Journalsim – one of Julian Assange’s mentors – had passed away under unusual circumstances, originally described by his wife as “a short illness”, but that tweet has since been withdrawn, leaving people to wonder as to the cause and circumstances of McFayden’s death.  So, then, I am compelled to wonder instead,  “are Gavin and Julian the most recent victims of Hillary’s murder machine?”



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7 years ago

Gavin MacFadyen died in a hospital of lung cancer = “passed away under unusual circumstances… Gavin… the most recent victims of Hillary’s murder machine?”

Lemme guess… you’re a regular reader of InfoWars, aren’t you, LT?

Tom Angle
7 years ago
Reply to  daveburton

Did you sit in on the Gavin autopsy?