The Middle of the End

Nothing as big as the global economy crashes over night – even a “truly sudden crash” takes a year or more to manifest at this scale, but we are indeed witnessing such a crash.  Like a train wreck in extreme slow motion, it is happening now, all around us.

The efforts of central banks to create growth are failing, like the brakes of a great train overheating… the proof is in the headlines, for those who are watching –

Operation Twist is Failing to drive growth in the US, and we have just had our first quarter of a new recession here in the US.

Asian markets are Crashing in China [also here] [and here], Japan, and Russia.

The Euro-Zone is failing fiscallyfinancially, socially, politically, and even racially.

Global Inflation cannot be held off much longer.

With all of these factors coming together, plus the major political battles occurring in the US, we should plan for the worst, because there is a good chance that we may get it.  To be sure, the folks herding the money around the globe see a major slowdown coming – just take a look at the precipitous drop in Oil and other energy futures, amounting to a 20% decline in the price of a barrel of oil in the last 2 months.

Now, back on March 20th I laid forth some key events, presuming war in Syria/Iran and it turns out that I was both right and wrong (see below). Bear in mind that the progressives have a particular end-game in mind, and then take a look at what is happening, how it is all being choreographed

* Equity markets go sideways and plunge in a series of flash-crashes which drive everyone into bonds and physical assets, small guys and slow movers get left holding an empty bag – 21Apr – 15May  <-This did happen, check the oil chart, above

* Gas prices spike in advance and in excess of crude cost spike to pay back the financiers and insiders 21Apr-June  <- This is still hanging out there…

* Strong-arm coalition (NATO plus ??) quickly forged to “share responsibility”, really to drag as many other broke nations in as possible – May – June  <- This has happened, note that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are leading the charge

* Coalition forces activated and on deployment (not able to defend home fronts) – end of June  <- Coming very soon for your viewing distraction

* Equity Markets do a dead-cat bounce on leading edge of inflationary bubble – many investors dive back into equities – week after 4th of July  <- We are HERE

* Real commodity shortages begin – July

* Massive inflation plus shortages/rationing of fuel, food, etc. cause large scale unrest in first world – mid-July onwards

* Crime soars, US and EU police departments nationalized and prepared for a shock-and-awe homefront campaign – late July

* Equity Markets crash and burn, under cover of headlines about war and inflation, most citizens will lose their life savings in market and bank collapses – early August

* US and EU streets fill with protesters and rioters from every faction, lawlessness becomes the new normal – August


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