The Seething Cesspool of Progressivist License

The fools and drivellers over at Progressive Pulse have been pumping their progressive noise to a fevered pitch since “winning the election”.  Among other things, the are loudly demanding “immigration reform”.  How they come by their definition of reform is beyond my (or any sane) rational comprehension, but they hold to it like a rat to a lump of rotten meat –  here’s their spew from a recent article:

“According to the Pew Hispanic Center, approximately 5.5 million children in the United States, including 4.5 million U.S.-born citizens, live in mixed-legal status families with at least one unauthorized parent.  These children are at risk of being separated from a parent at any time. Parents facing removal must frequently make the decision whether to take their children with them or leave their children in the U.S. in the care of another parent, relative, or friend. In many cases, a parent may determine that it is in their child’s best interest to remain in the U.S. However, in some cases, a parent’s ability to make such decisions is compromised when their child enters the child welfare system, which can prompt a series of events leading to the termination of parental rights. The lack of consistent protocols across the different public systems that encounter separated families further exacerbates the problem.”

In other words, in a country overflowing with broken families and troubled adults who can’t live up their parental duties, our government is intentionally breaking up thousands of healthy and intact families in the name of an immigration policy system that virtually everyone admits is fatally flawed.”

My comments in response will, in all probability, be deleted on their site, so I share them with you here –

Criminals deserve whatever punishment is prescribed, at the moment they commit the crime.  Those people made a choice to be criminals; that is, to engage in illegal activity by coming here without due process of law.  They had a totally legal means of obtaining entry.  Not immediate entry, not unconditional entry, but legal entry none the less.

Lets look at this from a different perspective – Lets say that I own a machine shop.  Can I simply manufacture (for myself and my family, NOT for the purpose of commerce) firearms?  The obvious and immediate answer is, “Absolutely NOT”; and with good reason.  The government has an obligation to apply reasonable and necessary regulation to those activities which have a measurable impact upon the public good.

You will argue that “immigration is not a dangerous activity”, but that is a false assertion by your own words – because “the taking of jobs and/or employment benefits is dangerous to families”, just as “the taking of lives is dangerous”.  So the taking of jobs from American citizens is a dangerous activity.  So is the taking of “social benefits” prescribed for America citizens, as voted for and paid for by American citizens.

If you came here by any unlawful means, then by criminal law you are NOT entitled to the “ill-gotten gains” of your actions… and therefore your children are NOT legitimately American citizens – therefore I am in absolute agreement; do NOT break up the families of illegal immigrants.  Deport them all, immediately, and as part of the process have the birth certificates of all these “anchor babies” clearly embossed with the legend “Birth of Illegal origins; NOT a legitimate citizen; NOT eligible for any public benefit or office”.

Let the child (of said illegal alien) apply for lawful entry when they attain the age of majority, and go through the prescribed process of naturalization.  Otherwise, they are no more a US citizen than a bit of bellybutton lint which was accumulated in France, but managed to cling to it’s host until arrival in at JFK airport.

Now, some here will argue against my assertion that I do not have the right to manufacture a firearm for personal use without the government’s “permission”; but what I’ve  intentionally focused on here is the creation of a straw-man to use their own so-called “logic” against them.  The simile to non-commercial manufacture of a firearm is thus a practical means of catching them in their own trap… which their so-called logic cannot free them from.  The snap of this trap is that they are promoting absolute anarchy in the realm of immigration under the banner of “Freedom”, while at the same time promoting absolute totalitarianism in the real of “gun control”.

The only valid conclusion is that what the progressives stand for is not “Freedom” at all, but instead “License”.  Freedom requires conscience and self-control, whereas “License” is exactly that – you receive external permission…no self-judgement or self control is required, or even permitted.

Liberty is the product of cherishing freedom, whereas every form of totalitarianism is the product of aggrandizing “License” at Liberty’s expense.


~Those who abuse Liberty, convict themselves to death!

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8 years ago

Well said, Sir.