The Time Is NOW…

Enough is enough – We the People will not be denied! Justice demands a full account of the crimes of the present administration, and punishment for the crimes committed in accordance with law. All those in office who have sullied themselves and our national dignity must be brought to the pillory of justice…
Where are our experienced patriots? Where is that army of men, determined to live free?
Come forth, for that burden can only be borne upon your able shoulders.

“Only those who have known war can truly appreciate the value of peace, for peace is more than the mere absence of war…”

~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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11 years ago

Well done and posted.


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James Willie
James Willie
9 years ago

I know this video is a bit dated. But “vote for Mitt(ens) Romney”??

He likes the Massachusetts AWB. He signed it, as a matter of fact.
He sent the people who wrote RomneyCare (Obamacare Lite) to DC to help the White House write the Affordable Care Act.
His business is to gut other businesses- he fires employees thus reducing costs which makes them look attractive, then sell them (the business, not the employees).

Oh, yah, He’s a true conservative…