The Two Enemies That Are Working To Enslave Us …

I was raking leaves, mold and weeds out of a flower garden this morning and had time to reflect upon the struggle between order and entropy, between civilization and decay.


Progressivism (liberalism, communism … just synonyms) and Islam are both manifestations of pre-civilized cultures that cloak themselves in false Righteousness.

Neither flourishes without a pre-existing and prosperous civilization that they can conquer and plunder.

One strives to recreate a medieval militant welfare state where the serfs are equally dependent and destitute, ruled by elite, where individualism must submit to the collective.

The other strives to recreate a 7th century theocracy of expanding conquest, where terror tactics are valued tools of jihad against infidels, where peace is equated to submission.

From the perspective of a free man, there is no practical difference between the two.

Each ideology harbors a tacit delusion that their people can win the end-game when they must eventually fight to conquer each other.

These ideologies are allies in the struggle to kill the Lockean experiment in which free men exist in liberty upon the earth.

We who embrace the tenets of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are advocates of a philosophy of order, civilization and prosperity. 

Those who embrace Progressivism and Islam advocate entropy and decay.

To preserve individual sovereignty over our lives, liberty and property (Rightful Liberty), both Progressivism and Islam must be exterminated … black and white … good vs evil.

The extermination of Progressivism and Islam by free men will not be act of aggression or the initiation of force.  It will be: 

  • a legitimate response to threats on Rightful Liberty
  • the retaliatory use of Force against an aggressor
  • a coordinated exercise in Self-Defense

There is no alternative.

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8 years ago

Very true and succinct. thanks