Timing is Everything

They are warming up for the big game, folks, and the hour is getting late…

Armed agencies are out and flexing their muscles right now.  Never forget that while today it is drug dealers, tomorrow it will be patriots and other “domestic terrorists”.

Study the actions and tactics of your enemy, and don’t overlook their propaganda – all of these give clues and indicators as to their “rhythm”.  Every organization has a rhythm and tempo at which they prefer to work – many FED-GOV agency heads are not even familiar with the rhythms of their own organizations, which is to our benefit – they will work against themselves when hard pressed.  Yes, the OPFOR is getting prepared – FREEFOR must be ready to respond keenly, and in kind.

Most importantly,  know how to recognize the moment when it is YOU they have in their sights – decidedly avoid the martyrdom of head-to-head combat…better to dodge the attack, and be ready with a swift counter.  These are the times which try mens’ souls, yet strength of conviction gives rise to meaningful action.  We will prevail.

Know that this is to be a guerilla war, something Americans pioneered some 236 years ago against a tyrannical monarchy… soon, we will be demonstrating that we have not forgotten how to fight such a war, and again, it will be on home soil.  We have, indeed, been warned.  Remember the destruction of the Second Temple, and the murderous rage unleashed against the people of that city, and when it was done, and by whom…

I have declared these things before, but they are timely and ever more worthy of consideration, therefore I renew the call to all who would hear –

“And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” – Isaiah 59:14

But I remind all my fellow patriots that Justice holds in her other hand a sword – that those who do not submit to justice out of honor and respect, must be compelled by threat of harm, and even the raw force of arms.  This is God’s Law, not mans’ law:


A clamor has come to the end of the earth, Because the LORD has a controversy with the nations. He is entering into judgment with all flesh; As for the wicked, He has given them to the sword,’ declares the LORD.”– Jeremiah 25:31

The words on every patriot’s lips this day should be “We sought justice through the rule of law, but when that failed we resorted to that natural law, from which there is no recourse.”  Let this be true against every Holder of power who ruthlessly and systematically abuses and perverts the privileges delegated to them by We The People.  Where there can be no clean justice, there will be bloody justice, but either way, let Justice prevail.

Our promise is this: We shall pass over those innocent, but the guilty shall we root out, from whatever shadow or crevice in which they may hide, and put them all upon the pillory of justice, in full view of the nation and the world, and from each extract a full measure, that every such act of perversion and abuse against We The People may be forced to proper account, and lastly, send the guilty to Ultimate judgment, such as they have themselves earned.  Though this be the lesser path to justice, yet let it be so for those who have forsaken the greater Justice of our God and Protector.

Let it be so.  AMEN

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