Tolerance and Survival

(American Thinker)   It  is easy to understand why Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ) made a speech  in support of gun control. She remembers that a deranged individual used a  firearm to cripple her for life, but she also needs to remember that there were  two gun-wielding individuals involved in the incident. The second gunman, Joseph  Zamudio, wrote Giffords and Jared Lee Loughner’s other victims a blank check on  the spot for any amount up to and including his life. Even though Zamudio had a  permit to carry a concealed weapon, he had no legal obligation whatsoever to  walk into a situation that involved an active  shooter.

Consider also Nick Meli, a  concealed-carry permit holder who drew his weapon on Clackamas mall shooter  Jacob Tyler Roberts. Meli was not a police officer whose duty required him to  stand his ground against a deranged gunman. It is also noteworthy that Meli,  like Zamudio, made the correct decision to not shoot: Meli because innocent  bystanders were in his line of fire, and Zamudio because he was not sure of the  identity of the assailant.

Then we have Assistant Principal Joel Myrick,  who used a .45 Automatic to stop Luke Woodham’s school shooting at two  fatalities instead of Adam Lanza’s twenty-six. Nothing but a personal sense of  duty to others prevented Myrick from simply getting into his truck, driving  away, and hoping the shooter wouldn’t kill too many people before the police  arrived. These are but three examples of the fact that armed citizens are  responsible citizens.

Weapons Equal  Responsibility

Free people own weapons, while slaves are issued  weapons. Ownership of weapons has gone squarely hand in hand with responsible  citizenship since the time of ancient Greece, where landowners who could afford  costly bronze armor banded together to defend their communities. Mercenaries  might run away, but the landowners had to stand and fight to keep their  principal source of wealth. The Second Amendment camp’s  “Molon labe!”  comes directly from Greeks who took personal responsibility for the defense of  their community.

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There is no longer any acceptable excuse for “tolerance” of the abuse and systematized chicanery of Constitution-hating collectivists, by those of us who abide in Liberty.  Every free voice needs to be telling them to STFU and GTFO, or face destruction by our hands and our guns – “coexistence” is NOT an option, as they have proven that they will never be satisfied, regardless of what compromises or accommodations we may make with them.

Tolerance requires an implicit understanding by the people in question that they are, in fact, only being tolerated, and that their attitude and conduct is not actually acceptable to the society which they inhabit – that those we tolerate maintain their status as outsiders, unassimilated into the culture and morals of OUR nation, and that they are a burden upon us.

The core Christian value of “Tolerance” is rooted in the truth that while these individuals conduct themselves in a manner offensive to, and destructive of our society which they inhabit, it would be a greater injustice for us to root them out and constrain them by violent and/or oppressive measures.

In this day, we are beyond the need for tolerance, because it is no longer true that to root them out is the greater evil.  The survival of our beliefs and culture now depend upon our will and ability to root out and destroy the amoral, corrupt influences which are destroying us.  We are Americans, and our survival depends upon defending and promoting the values which forged us as a people and a nation.  Our enemies name themselves by their words and deeds, and we must plainly acknowledge that fact, and respond accordingly.

Further tolerance will be the death of us, and thus in this instance, tolerance has become sin itself, because it enables and sanctions our destruction.

Tolerate them no more, but smite them in every place where you find them, and at every turn, until our land is free of their corrupt influence, for their worship is unto death, and their deeds unto destruction.

~Bring rope, we’re having a hangin’ party!

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