Tuesday’s To-Do List

Remember folks, Tuesday, November 6th is BUY A GUN DAY in addition to being election day.  I want to make the following request of every American patriot out there – on Tuesday do three things:

1. Vote – without the democratic process, we are no better than the enemies we are fighting.  Just hold your nose and do it.  It’s like first aid…first you STOP THE BURNING, then you cool the burn and treat the injury.  On Tuesday, we stop the burning, plain and simple.

2. Buy at least one gun (more if you have the means) – May I suggest that you buy from III Arms?  We must send every congress critter and statehouse coolie across the nation a painfully clear message that we have 2A teeth and we are willing to use them if justified.  There is a lot more than just the White House at stake here – our entire nation is out of kilter and needs our help at the state and local level, too.  We need to put every corrupt, progressive, scumbag politi-pimp out there on notice that we are willing to deliver the buckshot straight to their keesters if they dare to pursue their anti-American agenda any further.  It’s our country to loose…

3. Go monitor a polling station – Bring your video camera and your 2A insurance policy.  Let’s catch the communist machine in their attempts to corrupt the electoral process (once again).  We will need the videos and other evidence later so that our vigilance committees possess the proof they will need to mete out the justice which is long over due.

I have given my solemn oath to do all three on Tuesday, as have a number of others in my AO.   We will be there, we will be armed, and we will take no crap…

Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!


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9 years ago

May I suggest tparticular attention be paid to the Curbside Voting. Reports have come in of mentally disabled people being brought in cars for Curbside Voting. Trained Poll Observers will be inside the polling place but not outside. Outside there will be Republican Greeters handing out a list of conservative candidates. The dems will have their’s as well. At my polling place I (as Republican precinct chair) will have a table & canopy setup from opening to close of voting. We have several other volunteers who will be there during the day. More “eyes” could prove useful. Wonder if I’ll be threatened w/ arrest again simply for doing my legal job -would laugh except that I don’t find it very funny even now. (Something odd is happening as I try to type in each box here)