Tyranny Grows Quickly – What the TSA Will Look Like Next Year

No explanation required. You don’t even have to speak Russian…


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Stephen Olof Wikblom
9 years ago

Oddly enough, my father visited Russia a couple of years ago and was talking to a former US citizen who had been living in russia for 18 years.
That person said that he was glad to be living in Russia because it was much more free than in his former USA.
I think now with Patriot, NDAA, Patrolling Drones, TSA and everything else going on not forget the shipments now being made across your land with FEMA Coffins.

I think therefore, that if not then, then certainly now, the words of that former US citizen living in Russia are certainly correct.

Man, if the US goes down, then we are all cactus in Australia and the rest of the free world.

I really don’t see much hope short of Civil War unless the voting public elect strong Independent Candidates and perhaps Ron Paul or someone like him.
At any rate things might not even last till election time because the Bad Guys know now that many more of us know their game and so some very nasty things are in store I think for the world in general.

It makes me exceedingly mad that there are so many selfish and dumbed down people living in the US that have no idea at what is soon to happen.

The mightiest Army and defence force ever assembled in modern times is the USA and soon a handful of Serpents, mostly residing in Europe, will control all of this and use it to control the world.
Now who is gonna save us from Rothschild/Sassoon controlled US forces when they decide that Australians are expendible just like Libyans, Yemenese, Pakistani, Iraqi, Afgan etc, etc.

You know I loves ya USA people, but I used sobre and hard hitting language above because it is already 10 to 12, meaning not long to crush time where sadly it will be worse than just pushing and shoving.

Of course, that is only one chunk of worry on the US and world plate. Another concern is Fukishima of which the radiation has already led to the death of 14,000+ US citizens on mainland USA.

Hi HO, HI, HO, it’s off to the abyss we go.

Stephen Olof Wikblom…Sheep Shearer…Australia

9 years ago

I mentioned to Oleg Volk the other day the irony of him leaving Russia, as I remember 1989?, and coming here to the home of the free…….