Deutsche Bank: Aaaaaaand It’s gone…

As I have been warning for five years, Deutsche Bank is now meeting its fate.

“German government officials are dismayed by the leaking of a U.S. Justice Department demand that Deutsche Bank pay $14 billion to settle claims arising from sales of mortgage-backed securities during the financial crisis.” – Source

As I have repeatedly warned, “Deutsche is the biggest bank in Germany, and Germany is the largest and strongest economy in Europe, so the consequences of any major damage (or cumulative smaller damaging events) to DB would very likely cascade throughout the Euro-Zone, with terminal results.   Also of interest is that, because DB has such a large footprint in the US real-estate markets (both residential and commercial), the terminal results would be felt here in the US without much delay…By this mechanism, any ‘restructuring’ (i.e. Default) of Deutsche Bank would likely trigger another major round of real-estate devaluation all across the US.

“The reality is quite stark: Deutsche will, quite probably, be the trowel by which we unearth the rest of the fraud and mis-valuation in our own (American) real-estate sector… I believe it is only a matter of time before this happens, and see DB as the probable trigger.” As I stated Here.

“At the risk of sounding hackneyed, I present the observation that, “we have seen these things before”.  Both WW-I and WW-II were fomented in periods of economic difficulty, and in both cases, war was preceded by economic aggression where currencies, tariffs, and preferential trade treaties were the first weapons used.  If the Euro-Zone collapses into a frustrated collection of nation-states practicing individual protectionism, then we will most assuredly see war again on the continent within a decade, if not much sooner.”  And, “America, and the rest of the world, are presently at great risk as a result of all this…the precipitous risk of Europe substantially limits our economic maneuverability at present, and; perhaps even worse, the Euro-drama is a powerful distraction across the worlds’ markets, artificially inflating American bonds and US-denominated Equities, resulting in a false sense of security regarding the US’s own sovereign and market risks, which are far larger than all of Europe’s’, combined.”  Here.

I’m not much for saying “I told you so”, but the day of reckoning has arrived. By spring, Europe will be deeply inundated by the twin disasters of a currency collapse and a surging wave of violent jihad, the likes of which Europe has not seen in over 600 years.

And why do I bring up jihad every time I mention Deutsche Bank?  Because the two are intimately linked.  Deutsche Bank is as powerful in Germany as the FED is in the US – and they are fully aware that as the money pinch gets tighter and tighter, all those muslim “refugees” will riot and murder in the streets.  This will be the TERMINAL POINT for the German banking sector – the banks will close all their retail offices, and all but cease servicing their retail customers, and blame it all on “dangerous conditions” caused by the muslims.  

This will be the “Freeze Point” at which all the non-privileged investors and account holders will get the CYPRUS TREATMENT (and even more interestingly, Here) – Frozen assets, limited access to cash, and a massive haircut (I’m projecting a 65~80% loss for a German in the 40+ age range who has a retirement account of any substantial size).

But why does DB want the jihadis in every German city?  Because they are ready-made scapegoat for the shutdown of all retail banking, and because fear of the jihadis will prevent regular Germans from taking to the streets – as they otherwise most certainly would – to protest against the bank and the German government for taking them down this road to destruction.

Essentially, the muslims will do for Deutsche Bank and the German government what their own Politzei would never do – threaten and abuse the German people with such force and scope as to force them all to cower indoors while they are looted, for fear of being raped and murdered by the muslim invaders in the streets of every city and town. 

That is the purpose of the muslims they are a free ‘blocking force’ to circumvent any large-scale public response from the German people.

And if you think that the United States is not slated to meet the same fate, I would urge you to reconsider. Although here in the US, the blocking forces will be a muddy coalition of BlackLiesMatter, LaRaza, Islamic Jihadists, and whoever else has an urge to murder, loot, and burn crap in the streets.


~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to death!

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17 Responses to Deutsche Bank: Aaaaaaand It’s gone…

  1. AWB says:

    Excellent commentary. It’s worthwhile to point out the German people wouldn’t be cowering if they were allowed to own firearms. I’m a bit surprised there hasn’t been a nationalist movement in Germany reining terror down on these infidels, one that would no doubt engender the ire of the German officials. They should fall on their swords.

    • LT says:

      Unfortunately, the US encouraged the Germans to surrender their private arms in the post-WW-II era. To own arms in Germany now, you must be a member of a “Hunt Club” and your rifles and shotguns must be locked up in the club’s gun safe except when using them on club property -- you can’t even bring your guns to your home to clean them. They also totally prohibit the owning of arms in *any* military caliber -- so 5.56 and 7.62/NATO are totally banned, as are *all* pistols and revolvers except “relics” -- that is, non-functioning antique arms manufactured before the year 1900.

      • helmut altenburger says:

        bullshit. ofcourse they are allowed to take their guns home.but the
        weapons must be safely stored in Special voults at home.

      • Dreamriot says:

        It’s not as bad as you’re describing here. We have 1.5 million citizens in Germany with an arms licence. And yes, most of them are members of sport clubs with a restriction for the amount and type of guns they own. As a licenced hunter you store your guns at home and you can own 2 hand guns and several rifles of any caliber stored in a small safe. Full auto is generally forbidden and right now they are trying to get their hands on our semi auto rifles, but we’ll see. Most citizens on the other hand don’t have any experience with guns, hunting, etc. There’s also a difference between the country side and big cities.

      • Bill says:

        only the islamic scumbags have the guns and most likely giving to them by the scumbags nazis like Merkel and her Crud in there nazi government.

        • Nonono, weapons for muslim invaders come to Germany by Blackwater and/or US-occupators. Containers have been seen in sea port Bremen. German top-Nazis know about that, of course.

          • Average Joe says:


            First, Blackwater no longer exists and hasn’t for several years.

            Second, Eric, the guy who founded Blackwater seems to have no love for the mudslusms.

            Of course we know our government has been arming these nuts for years but let’s now slander the innocent.

    • Bill says:

      dont worry the islamic isis nazis that Merkel allowed in to her Country will get them out of all there problems, they are such a peaceful cult of death, and they love the German peope dearly so long as they can continue to rape and pillage them.

  2. Average Joe says:

    I dunno….as I always ask, when they can print as much paper as they like and buy whatever they want how does it end?

    I do not think the demand of our government that DB pay some fine will cause a collapse anymore than Germany demanding repatriation of their gold from the U.S. has caused a massive spike in gold prices, the flood of invaders might be interesting to watch. At best the chaos will be used as an excuse to consolidate more power towards government and reserve banks.

    So, what event will finally blow over the house of cards? if I only knew that……

    • LT says:

      Joe, it’s not the “fabrication” of the money that’s at issue. It’s the fulcrum of confidence vs. repudiation. If people decide that Euros are worth less than toilet paper, because they come off the press just as fast as the TP, well then you have a “Crisis of Confidence” as Pres. Carter put it… and the minute one nation looses confidence in the Euro to the point that they repudiate the Euro and re-issue their own currency -- Marks, Francs, whatever… it’s curtains for the entire experiment, because as the old saying goes “he who defaults first, defaults best”. The first nation to repudiate the Euro and re-issue their own currency (assuming they do it the right way) will have a huge head start on the rest of the European countries, in terms of rebuilding their economy.

      • Average Joe says:

        LT…thanks for the response.

        You will find no argument from me that the entire house of cards is a confidence scheme. Without some solid store of value, as you point out, that piece of paper is only worth what the next guy thinks it’s worth.

        I do know that there is a least one more aspect of the scheme not being discussed and that is the role of the IMF and their fake money, the SDR. Speculation would suggest that will be the next level to which the fraud will move if the confidence were to take a nose dive, but again those, SDRs, are as worthless as the other paper they are based upon.

        If that, SDRs, were to go south then I would expect a return to some kind of gold standard to help restore confidence in the paper currency. The problem is that will be run, almost certainly, by the same money changers running the show now and the worst part is they will likely avoid responsibility, yet again, while millions suffer from their crimes.

        As long as our government keeps that beast, the Federal Reserve, going our liberty will always be held hostage. The only way to assure our sovereignty is by it’s elimination.

        “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
        Thomas Jefferson

        I never cease to be amazed at that man’s wisdom and insight.

  3. tom tayler says:

    the germans are indoctrinated over the last 70 years and the guilt question lays on the nation like a mantra…….the rasssti/nazi whip is pointed at every person who does not follow the public /government controlled “public opinion”… per definition of the the UN term genozid” we see a genozid of the germans… i would see a clear rassist movement against germans…….the pzblic is divided already and at some point it will boil off…..some old story……just look at the US some conflict of black and whites, at least based on the information which makes it over the atlantic.

  4. Zergomat says:

    @LT totaly wrong…only thing you wont get is full auto arms…anyone( with a clean record) can join a Sport Shooting Club, wait for a year, pass a test and then is granted to buy firearms….for sport shooting ofc.

    • LT says:

      Forgive me sir, my knowledge of such matters in the Bundesrepublik is 25 years out of date. At that time it was nearly impossible to obtain license for a pistol of any kind, and all arms had to be retained in the Club’s gun safe(s) -- which were subject to inspection and inventory at any time. If these burdensome restrictions have been liberalized since that time, so much the better.

      Ich biete meinem Gebet zu Ihrer Gesundheit und Glück, wie für ganz Deutschland. Deine Grund und Boden und deinen Menschen gaben Freundschaft in meiner Jugend an mich, und dafür werde ich immer mit sehr viel Dankbarkeit zurückgeben.

  5. Sandpiper says:

    Remember that Germany is an “occupied” country. After WW11 Germany cannot pass it’s own laws with the approval of the Empire. This provision goes thru the year 2095.

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