Concerning Obama’s birth certificate:

1. The birth certificate on is a forgery. An analysis in Adobe photoshop or a more detailed analysis is simple:
“The analyses presented below reveal without a doubt that the Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama is a fabricated, fake and forged document.
The publication of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reins on the most powerful country of the World.”
2. Concerning the initial lawsuit:

“Many bloggers have been aware of the challenge to Barack Obama’s citizenship from Philip Berg, Hillary Clinton supporter and attorney from Philadelphia. I have not followed the situation much because to me, it seems improbable that any merit can be established for the claims. And recently, some blogs are reporting that Obama has until December 1 to produce his “real” birth certificate. What is accurate is that the Supreme Court via Justice David Souter has given President-elect Obama, the DNC and other defendants until December 1 to respond to the court case dismissed by the Third Circuit in late-October.”
3. Concerning Trump’s assertion that Hillary started the issue (from 2015):
“New analysis from the Washington Post removes any doubt that the anti-Obama Birther movement was started in 2007 and 2008 by Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her Democrat supporters.”
There are many credible people who were supporting the effort to expose the pResident’s ineligibility. The media labelled them “birthers”. Our “leaders” refused to comment except in private or “off the record”. Looking back today on the Internet, many original sources are not available. I suppose that is why the media is able to “discount” Trump’s assertions that the Clintons started the “controversy”.
At the Nashville Tea Party Convention, Andrew Breitbart and Joseph Farah got into a screaming match over this issue. So here we are. People will not even consider the issue for being labelled a birther. What difference does it make anyway?
The truth has consequences. In this case, any legislation passed by the Obama administration would be nullified such as Obamacare. No executive orders. No immunity, No pResidential pardons. I had a dream, but the people were too weak to stand up for the truth.
David DeGerolamo
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Tom Angle
5 years ago

I think the big deal is that Trump brought it out and then let it die on the vine. At the time his birth certificate was gaining a little momentum. As you said it was a blatant forgery and Trump could of and should of pushed the issue. Instead he let it drop. The question is why? My guess he is as much part of the war against America as Clinton or Obama.

If We the People really gave a crap about the Constitution, everything that I can think about that Obama signed is illegal. So it is already nulll and void. We really do not need a birth certificate for that. Of course, 90% of what all the presidents in the past, back to atleast Lincoln, is illegal also.

But then again, We have all been brain washed into believing We where free. America has not been free for a very long time. We just tell ourselves that so We can live with ourselves. Like an abused woman that tell herself that her husband really loves her. Even though he beats her on a regular basis.

Fear, cowardness and lies are all that fill America. The truth is out there for everyone to see and yet We refuse to look at it. There is a reason that fear, cowardness and lying are sins.

So are you back to posting again David? A large part leadership is layingout a plan in a way that people understand. If it is a good plan people will follow it.

Tom Angle
5 years ago

It does not seem that my post posted.

Are you back to posting?

Tom Angle
5 years ago

One must ask themselves why did Trump bring up the birth certificate and why did he drop it like a hot potato when the fake was released? Then ask yourself why would you vote for a man that would do something like that.

We would not need a brith certificate if We cared anything at all for the Constitution. Most of what every president has singed Since 1861 has been illegal. We tell ourselves We are free, but none of us alive have been free. Ever! We lie to ourselves so We can live with our cowardness. The truth is out there for all too see, yet We turn a blind eye and keep telling oursleves that it is not there.

There are very hard times coming. Sooner or later, We will all have to choose sides and there can be no compromise. You cannot live as free man when your neighbot has not problems with sending a armed man to your door to get what they want. You cannot live with a person like that. You also cannot live with the person sent to knock.

5 years ago

The suspicious oddities in Obama’s belatedly-released birth certificate turn out not to have been because it was a fake. They were artifacts introduced by the Mac-based scanner software which the White House used to scan the copy of the birth certificate.

There are two scans of the birth certificate floating around, from two different scanners. The copy on the web site was apparently altered by pre-OCR preprocessing done by the software used on the Mac (Quartz PDFContext). But the separately scanned copy which someone else in the White House gave to the AP doesn’t have those issues. Here’s the (better) AP version:

Additional evidence of the birth certificate’s authenticity is that only two days elapsed between the date upon which it was stamped by Hawaiian authorities, and when it was released by the White House. That’s not much time for document tampering, especially if the document was in the mail for at least one of those two days.

That seems to mean that any modifications to it would have had to have been done prior to it being stamped and mailed by Hawaiian authorities, rather than via digital manipulation of the scanned documents, unless the 4/25/11 Hawaiian date stamp was also tampered with.

The risks associated with such tampering seem extreme, since Hawaiian officials would have had to have been aware of it.

5 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Re “Keep Calm” …

Was at Bass Pro this morning and saw a T-shirt on display:

“Keep Calm and Carry Guns”

… I approve this message.

4 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

That death is only one of the “mysterious” aspects of 0bammy’s status.
There are records that he was registered at Columbia University as an “Exchange Student”; and other incongruous documents from his life in Chicago prior to running for Senate.

Whether he is “natural born” can not be in dispute -- 0bama’s father was a Royal British Subject, domiciled in the Colony of Kenya -- a British Colony at the time of 0bama’s birth in 1962, and that single fact -- in and of itself -- makes 0bama ineligible to hold the office of President, to whit; “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;” — Art II:Section 1.

0bama fails the “natural born citizen” requirement because he was not born of two parents each being citizens of the Several States at the time of his birth; neither was 0bama “deemed natural” by the operation of the second clause, that of “being a Citizen upon adoption of said Constitution”.

Those who get it, get it -- 0bama is a fraud and a sham; stem to stern, first to last, and everything in between. He is the very meat and essence of Anathema Americana, and as such everything which he has done must eventually will be undone; to whatever extent such harm can ever be undone.

Those who don’t get it are willfully and stubbornly ignorant, and will likely never exit that state, retaining it even unto their final Judgement and eternal disposition; for which I do not envy them.

4 years ago
Reply to  daveburton

except the hospital he was “born” at didn’t open for two more months from the date of his “birth”.

5 years ago

Natural born citizen status is inherited -- it’s not bestowed by the Constitution or Acts of Congress « Publius-Huldah’s Blog

1. Neither Obama, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz are natural born citizens. At the times they were born, their Fathers were not citizens. Location of birth is irrelevant. Those who insist that a person must be born within the US point to Section 212 of Vattel. But one must read all that Vattel wrote on the subject and which is contained in Sections 213-217.

A “natural born” citizen inherits his citizenship from his parents. Just as he inherits his eye and hair color from them, so he inherits his citizenship status. He is “born” with the hair and eye color his parents gave him, and he is “born” with the citizenship status they gave him. No provision in the Constitution made him a Citizen – no Act of Congress made him a Citizen – just as no provision in the Constitution or Act of Congress determined his eye or hair color. His citizenship, eye color, and hair color are all inherited from his parents. THAT’s what a natural born citizen is. READ all of the sections on this which Vattel wrote: By the law of nature alone, children follow the condition of their fathers; the place of birth produces no change in this particular. In my first paper, you can find the links to Vattel and other original source documents illustrating the original intent of “natural born citizen”


[…] Source: Concerning Obama’s birth certificate: | NCRenegade […]

4 years ago

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