Ann Barnhardt posted the bellow comments on June 19th, and it rings true with what I have been saying since the presidential Usurpation of 2008 – the time is NOW – the real boogeyman has stood up, and is doing his worst… WE ARE AT WAR – economic and social war, and soon a real, hot, shooting war.  Perhaps even a nuclear war.  None will be spared some misery in the events to come, from the cement canyons of Wall Street to the beaches of Bora Bora – everyone will lose in some profound way, and many are at risk of losing their very lives.

Our banks and our government have created a scenario wherein the most likely outcome is that they will fail in the most abject and total way, and therefore cease to exist.  I believe that, in the long run, this is a good thing, but in the short term, everyone now living is going to suffer profoundly, and in the worst case, as many as half of the people in the “civilized world” will die of violence, privation, and disease.  This is not in some misty, distant reach of time – most likely it will begin this fall.

(Barnhardt.biz)  6/19/12  Greece is giving us a preview of what is eventually going to happen here. The Greek people are realizing that their economy is dead. What they are now doing is pulling cash out of the banks and either hoarding it inside their homes, or putting it in safe deposit boxes (which is silly – the safe deposit boxes will eventually be seized when the banks fold). What the Greeks are also doing is buying everything with credit cards, figuring that when the Greek banks and economy finally totally implode, all of their debt on their credit cards will go up in smoke with it. Americans are already doing this subconsciously. The Greeks are doing it consciously, racking up credit card debt that they have zero intention of ever paying back. They know that they are committing fraud, but they figure that the banks’ and government’s fraud was first, so turnabout is fair play. The quote I saw was, “The banks and government are pretending to be solvent, so I’ll pretend to have money.” In other words, Greece is now in the death spiral. Running up debt anticipating a total government and banking failure is exactly the same thing as a bank run, it is just happening 21st century-style.

Don’t kid yourselves, this is all coming soon to the United States of America, and as KD said, almost certainly before November. I have been saying since late 2008 that we wouldn’t make it through Obama’s “first term”, that they would have to collapse the system before the elections.

I also said in early 2009, and was thought by a friend to be totally insane at the time, that this would ultimately all end with the Chinese Army mounting a land invasion of North America. Get on your knees and pray that my accuracy streak is foiled on that point.

OK, so I am neither as educated on finance, nor as exuberant in my discourse as Ann Barnhardt is.  Neither am I the only other person warning about the incredible dangers we presently face as a civilization.  New voices are rising every day to pass along the warning.

The question is, are you listening?  If you are, have you arisen to pass along the warning also?  We are each of us a watchman, with the duty to warn our families and neighbors of the danger.  If we fail in that, then their blood may be on our hands…

  • The Euro is collapsing – Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cypress, and Italy are the worst of it so far, but certainly not the last
  • The America economy is failing despite (or because of) all the intervention of the part of the FED and Government to achieve “stimulus”
  • Unemployment is skyrocketing across the developed world
  • “Civil Unrest” around the world has increased exponentially in the last 3 years, and is giving clear signs that it will continue to escalate – watch Russia, China, and Mexico, as well as the middle-east for developments in the near future
  • Governments around the world are increasingly destructive of religious and civil liberties, and thereby destroying their respective societies – there is a war on religion and conscience, and it is a world war, not a localized one
  • The paradigm of scarcity is being escalated by covert means, to constrain access to food, fuel, and other essentials, thereby formenting discord and revolt

All of these things will be brought together to create a profound and permanent change upon the entire world.  Either the God of Liberty must prevail, or the darkest times man has ever known shall descend upon us all.


~Those who discard Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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