When Tyranny Comes Knocking, Will You RESIST?


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8 years ago

This is the saddest video I’ve ever seen . What gives an armed military style squad the right to burst into your home just because there may be a terrorist in there ?
How about knocking on the door and saying sir , are you and your family ok, and would you give us permission to check things out just to make sure the terrorist isn’t hiding somewhere in or around your property .
We are in big trouble in America kids , this was just another test by the police state to see how much liberty we are willing to lose. And from the looks of this vid , we are willing to give up all our rights . Ask your father or grandfather if this would ( ever) had happened when they were comming up.
I pray for our liberty but I think it took the train out

8 years ago

Yeah, just “doing their job.” As a former LEO I am appalled by the behavior of these police. But I am even more outraged that these liberal, progressive sheeple that unquestionably accepted this behavior. These sheeple have “progressively” given up their rights. I used to scoff at the idea of the “Stockholm Syndrome,” but here we have it exhibited on the level of an entire metropolitan area!

LT Prepper
8 years ago

The woman’s statement, “I was terrified, but every one of them apologized afterwards” sums up the problem perfectly. What if the bomber(s) apologize -- does that make it OK for them too? Unfortunately, there were no ‘good guys’ in the Boston drama…only victims, bad guys, and more bad guys.
The bad guys won this round, for sure…

Fed up
Fed up
8 years ago

In the beginning of the video the reporter said, “rescuing them”. If any one is believing this you’re stupid, whether they apologized or not. The best part is that the guy wasn’t even there. These sheep in the city have gone so far as to accept the treatment of these guys in black that they don’t realize their rights have been violated. This reminds me of Boston in the 1770’s when the people in Boston preferred being under the Crown in stead of siding with the Patriots which were trying to free them from tyranny. I hope a bunch of these Bostonians stand in line to get frisked by the TSA before boarding a plane back to Jolly ole England like their former residents of Boston did.
On an aligned thought, these sheep are the ones that helped to put the Muslim in Chief in office. They deserve to lose their Liberty but along with theirs, goes mine. What a bunch of chicken shit assholes these clowns have become.