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1 year ago

I’m training my body to go without food. I have three days down now, at the start of day four I begin to get sick and have to eat. I want to go at least a week without food. I also walk several miles a day without food and try and limit my water intake. I am trying myself now, so that when it does happen I wont die from it when it does happen. I also am getting myself acclimated to eating worms and snail and other grubs I find in the bushes or under rocks. I am having a hard time with water bugs. I pull the wings off and the whiskers and legs first so they wont kick. Then I tear off the head and start to eat the body, but the crunchy and smell is really bad. I tried cooking one, but the smell was so nasty I threw up. Water bugs are the worse. Everything else I think i can handle. Also birds and other rodents are a delicacy. I’m sorry, but I think your dog and cat will not be that hard for me to eat.