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We The People?

I attended the Raleigh Tea Party on April 15th, 2011 which had Jason Lewis as the headline speaker. Triangle Conservatives Unite did an excellent job sponsoring this event which had perfect weather. By my estimate, there were about 600 people … Continue reading

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Senate Republicans Assist in Destruction of Constitutional Checks and Balances

Friends, we cannot vote our way out of this mess: On March 30, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y., picture, left) and 15 co-sponsors (including Republican leaders) introduced S. 679, the “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act.” The measure would remove the “advice … Continue reading

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Eric Holder Has A Dilemma at the Department of Injustice

Eric Holder will not prosecute “his people” under federal law making two classes of citizens in our country . Does this protection include transgendered individuals? Federal Legislation passed under the Obama administration makes the following individuals “protected” under hate crimes: … Continue reading

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America … the next Argentina

What do you get when you de-industrialize a country, eliminate the middle class and plunged the citizens into massive starvation and unspeakable poverty? Answer:  a third world economy Some parallels between policies of the Obama government and the destruction of Argentina… … Continue reading

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The Greatest Theft in History″>httpv://

I have watched Glenn Beck since he started his show on FoxNews in early 2009. I admire his challenge to us to check his stories and he is one of an elite group of people who actually admit and apologize … Continue reading

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Respect Must Be Earned

A partial history of the Resolute desk from The Resolute served in the British Royal Navy for twenty-three years until she was decommissioned. No longer in service, she was sent to the breakers dock for salvage. Queen Victoria ordered … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Eric Holder”>httpv://

Here is another consequence of an attorney general who maintains two classifications of citizens. Obama has Eric Holder investigating gasoline price gouging instead of prosecuting the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation. Although these two girls will be arrested and … Continue reading

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Korus – About to Be Sold Out for Foreign Interests Again

The Korea-U.S. Free Trade agreement is being pushed through Congress with little fanfare but huge consequences to our trade and sovereignty. What do Walter Jones (R-NC) and Ron Paul (R-TX) have to say about this agreement: “This pact is a … Continue reading

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Raleigh City Council Opposes the 2nd Amendment

The Raleigh City Council unanimously voted to oppose HB 111. Although this legislation has passed the House and is now stalled in committee in the Senate, public officials always seek to extend their power for their own recognition. I would put … Continue reading

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Strange Bedfellows on Judicial Elections

House Bill 99 will amend our state’s constitution concerning vacancies in the offices of superior court judges and district attorneys. Justice Robert Orr joins with Rep. Deborah Ross to make this change for our judicial elections. As I listened to … Continue reading

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RSC Budget Proposal – BETTER !

Normally I don’t get enthused by another email from AFP, but this one’s different. I did not know that the Republican Study Committee had prepared a budget proposal more aggressive than the one Paul Ryan announced earlier. The RSC achieves … Continue reading

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Prepper Podcast Radio Network

Just wanted to give you a heads-up about some exciting changes that have been going on with Ed’s show: “Survivalist Radio with Ed Corcoran”, on the newly expanded Prepper Podcast Radio Network.  Now broadcasting live shows daily on their new … Continue reading

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Just a Series of Coincidences”>httpv://

Desertec is an initiative in North Africa to generate electricity from solar and wind sites for transmission to both local and European markets as shown in the map below. Bringing the Desertec vision into reality How are the various government … Continue reading

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Arrogance in Office – The Obama Way”>httpv://

The article outlining obama’s arrogance toward abiding by Congressional legislation is just another example of this man’s lack of honor for the United States, our Constitution and the people. Watch this short video concerning signing statements by obama. David DeGerolamo … Continue reading

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Spike ?

Look at the morning spike: S&P has maintained the US rating at “AAA” but cut the outlook to negative. Read:   WTF Was That Flash ?               Stocks Tumble …

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