Just a Series of Coincidences

Desertec is an initiative in North Africa to generate electricity from solar and wind sites for transmission to both local and European markets as shown in the map below.

Bringing the Desertec vision into reality

How are the various government changes in the Middle East and North Africa impacting their plans? The following excerpt and link to the entire article from the Desertec website gives an interesting perspective. It appears that this instability may be an “ideal opportunity”.

Revolution offers a ray of hope for solar energy

The future of solar energy in the Middle East and North Africa is uncertain. The current instability may represent a temporary deterrent for investors and result in the delay of projects, while the reality of finite energy resources and an ever-increasing population means that the shift to solar energy is more urgently needed than ever. However, the recent breakdown of political power as uprisings sweep the region may actually prove an ideal opportunity for a paradigm shift required to get things moving.


Glenn Beck’s map for a new Islamic Caliphate closely coincides with the Desertec map above. Whether the instability is due to religious unrest or the Club of Rome’s new world order, the geographic area is the same.

Mr. Beck outlines the role Google played in the Egyptian revolution:


The only thing missing is a corresponding map showing this area at the end times courtesy of Jack Van Impe (no endorsement or detraction of this ministry is implied).

Although I do not believe we are in the end times, I do believe there is a strong correlation between the civil and political unrest in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and the group(s) working for One World Order. The German Association of the Club of Rome, Agenda 21 and Google working together to control food and energy production sounds like the plot of a B movie. Of course, $4/gallon of gas and high food prices are now a reality that only a few months ago were considered to be the musings of a conspiracy to frighten people into buying gold.

David DeGerolamo

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Excellent work David!!