George Soros on Obama vs. Romney

Billionaire investor George Soros explains why there wouldn’t be much difference for Wall Street between President Obama and Mitt Romney. He also tells Chrystia Freeland why his billionaire constituents see him as a traitor to his class.

Is George Soros pulling our strings once again in this interview? Or is his correct in his statement that there is little difference between an Obama vs. a Romney administration? In his financial game of chess where checkmate is closing in on the European Union (and by extension, the United States), the strange thing is that most people have no idea who George Soros is.

Should we believe Mr. Soros? Based on history, the answer is yes. He does not tell you his plans straight out, but he will tell you his thoughts and the beliefs that he wants you to hear to achieve his goals. So is Romney basically the same as Obama? If George Soros thinks so, then we should at least consider what an actual Romney administration would represent. In Mr. Romney’s own words, he states his support for the NDAA and his belief that Obama (nor he) would abuse its power:

I do believe there is one difference between Romney and Obama: Romney is one of the kings on the chess board whereas Obama is one of the pawns.

David DeGerolamo

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