I Am A Racist

I have watched this video before but it was sent to me again.

As we stand on the precipice of world war, it is time to separate  simple truths from propaganda. Why is the race card played so effectively? It is only played when the other side’s foundation is weak (built on sand).

A simple question: is religious freedom racist?

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to I Am A Racist

  1. fed up says:

    Excellent video and his view on what is going on with the Muslims ( and other races in my view). This “racist” name calling applies to the blacks and Hispanics here in the USA in addition to the Muslims. We have a president and DOJ that turns a blind eye to these “cultural” views and vilifies the christian, moral and social views of those that made this country great. Everyone in the world wants what we “whites” have through hard work yet expect them to be given to them and condemn us for our culture, religion and way of life. When an emergency arises we are the first ones called upon to help those in need world wide. When there are issues we are the first ones to be condemned. Where is the appreciation and balance?
    This issue is will eventually erupt in civil war and social unrest causing the slaughter of millions as it has in country after country through all of time. I believe in the end of time prophecy, “brother against brother- nation against nation”. How can we prepare against the inevitable when so many are pulling the strings?
    I too am a racist because as this man said I want to preserve our way of life, culture and country as long as possible.

  2. Tag says:

    I have” Post Liberal Tolerance Traumatic Stress Disorder”
    So Yes that means I am racist as well
    And apparently this girl is racist also --
    “When white people piss black people off.”

    • fed up says:

      Tag, of course it’s OK for black children to oppress a little white girl. The blacks have to get back at the whites for their 300 years of oppression.
      I grew up in a black section of Springfield Mass. There was the occasional black on white violence and the white on black violence only we called it a fight. There was some of the B/W shit that went on of course. We learned at an early age about “tools” of the trade. My brothers and I were Christians in church and good boys at home but when we hit the streets it was stand or fall. We stood and didn’t allow us nor our friends to get bullied. This poor little girl should not be in this neighborhood. These children that abuse her should be corrected by their parents. The problem is their parents are white hating ass holes just like the ass-clown videoing the scene. it all sucks. It is only going to get worse.

  3. Interesting video! It’s strange how people mix religion and race together. I’ve seen a lot of angry posts on http://myessayslab.com/ and they are not objective at all! People should car about each other but not be biased to each other.

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