Predicting the Future through Precious Metals

The price of silver this morning is $24.55/oz. Two weeks ago, the price was $19.61/oz. This 25.2% increase would be equivalent to an annual rate of return of 655%. Why?

The precious metals’ market has been manipulated by J.P. Morgan and others to such an extent that lawsuits were filed. The question of manipulation is not debatable:  the question now is what happens when the manipulation is over? The transfer of gold to the East prior to the war is as complete as it ever will be. Supply and demand are now back in place (or at least in place as they ever will be).  Does it matter if gold reaches $2000/oz? Does it matter if gold reaches $5000/oz?

The goal now is not to stabilize the price of gold and silver but to devalue the US dollar and replace it as the world’s reserve currency. What does that mean to the individual? If you cannot answer this question, then you are in trouble. If you think that this will result in the elimination of your debts, you are wrong.

So back to the title of this article. The US dollar is under attack and it WILL be replaced. As predicted last December, the attacks on precious metals will be the final signal of the government’s implementation of their plans. The attack is now over and the prices are returning to previous levels. And beyond. Do not be concerned about the price of precious metals, be concerned about its implications.

David DeGerolamo

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