Missouri River Flooding Impact: Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant, Omaha Indian Casino and Farming

The following video below shows the impact of the Missouri River flooding at the Ft. Calhoun nuclear facility, the Omaha Indian Casino and the farmland which will not be producing crops for two years.


The dikes protecting the city of Omaha were designed for one to four weeks of flooding. The flooding will be at least three months in duration. Eighty percent of the snow in Montana has not melted yet and twelve to fourteen inches of rain have fallen in the past month. Ft. Peck dam is releasing the maximum amount of water through mid August and this is the minimum date given by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The CasinOmaha casino will receive $1.1 million tax dollars from the Army Corps of Engineers to build an access road. In a real free market society, this would be a loan that would be paid back.

Corps to build a bridge to casino

NEAR SLOAN, Iowa (KTIV) –   With flood waters turning their casino into an island, the Omaha Indian tribe is turning to the Corps for help.  Crews will begin building an access road to CasinOmaha near Onawa, Iowa on Monday.

This will give casino workers the access they say they need to maintain the private levee that they built around the casino, to protect it from the Missouri River.

The project is one point one million dollars. The Corps it will also provide access to other tribal facilities, including the community center.


David DeGerolamo

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