Police Using Armor?

First, An Apology – it turns out the report below, from Wichita Falls, TX, was less than accurate.  I passed it on… Mea Culpa.  What I can still say that I have received well over a dozen reports in the past 8 weeks that folks have witnessed armor on America streets and highways. 

Many of the reports confirm that these vehicles have been seen “guns up” which has always been a big no-no.  While I was active, operating off military property meant mandatory removal and securing of *ALL* guns and ordinance, unless it was specifically requested and ordered for a parade.  That means no rifles in soldiers’ possession, no machine guns in turrets or  other vehicle mounts, and “no shells , no brass” with any artillery pieces.  This was the DoD policy to maintain a precedent of clear compliance with Posse Comitatus for many, many years.  A change in this policy, if in fact such a change has been made, would have profound and far-reaching implications for the future of our society.
~~~Below is the original article~~~

Cops using armored vehicles for traffic detail?  I reported over a month ago that I saw vehicles similar to US Army Stryker vehicles on I-95 in Virginia, I have heard, but been unable to verify that they are being *given* to local law enforcement by the DOD/DHS.  I expect this topic will be generating a lot of passionate conversation in the coming months, as it represents a serious move towards tyranny if it bears out.


Heather Lewis 12 hours ago via Mobile near Wichita Falls, TX – – Hwy 82 Witchita Falls,TX…WTF? This is a Sheriff in a light armored tank with a gun turret pulling people over for speeding. Flashing red/blue lights and all. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. We are so screwed! — with Marianne Stebbins, witchita Falls, Freddy Crisp III, Erik Daniel Blair and Pamm Adams Skogen.


~Those who abuse Liberty. do so at their own peril!

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11 Responses to Police Using Armor?

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  2. If this is in fact a traffic stop for speeding, how could the Stryker catch up to the truck? Top speed is 62-70mph for the stryker according to http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=10. Speed limit is 65-70mph on HWY 82 according to http://www.aaroads.com/texas/us-082eb_tx.html. I don’t see the math working out.

  3. III Patriot says:

    Non “V” hull Styker……..very susceptible to IEDs…..
    Molotov or paint filled cocktails thrown at the hatches and vision blocks work well too……they’ll have to pop that head out sometime…..

  4. P51 says:

    The Stryker in the picture behind the pick-up either has a flat front tire or it came off the rim.

  5. John Mosby says:

    While the photo definitely looks suspiciously like it was, in fact, a traffic stop, is there any other substantiation of that? It’s not so much that I doubt that it could/would happen, but if it IS happening, I need more verification than someone’s cell phone pic…..


  6. Aaron says:

    You can clearly “see” that it has a flat tire!,MORON’S!

    • David says:

      Moron’s should be morons but you are correct: the Stryker in the picture is not capable of pulling over anyone since its tire is flat (at a minimum).

  7. David says:

    I was travelling all day and just saw this article. I am trying to get with LT for more information but at this point…

  8. Dan says:

    Not buying the BS….armored vehicles are useful for a number of things….
    traffic enforcement is not one of them. This looks more like a broken down
    vehicle with another vehicle parked with it giving assistance. LEO will NOT
    be doing traffic stops with these….roadblocks and checkpoints maybe, but not traffic stops.

  9. thebronze says:

    It’s not a Stryker (nor a LAV-25) and it wasn’t a traffic-stop. This photo was thoroughly debunked on her own facebook page.

    Not saying that abuses aren’t happening, but not so in this case.

    • LT says:

      @thebronze Didn’t get this from facebook -- wish I saw the vetting which happened there. There have been quite a number of credible sightings of armor on our highways already this summer, but it seems that no one is getting pictures (myself included). Should have spent a bit more time with this, but wanted to put it out and not loose my whole afternoon.

      @Dan As I’ve stated previously, putting armor on America’s highways right now is not about traffic stops, nor roadblock/checkpointsand I agree, traffic stops with armor is rediculous, but then why put armor on the highways at all?!? The obvious answer is, it is all about the PSYOP value…they want to get us all accustomed to seeing that level of force deployed on the roads, in our home towns, and everywhere else.

      In other news, got a call from a friend last night; they said that there is lots of outbound activity from Norfolk/Oceania since Thursday last -- Aircraft, smaller vessels, and even a few tender type ships. Trying to get some verification on that…


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