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North Carolina: A True Bellwether State

(Bloomberg) – In the maze of color-coded maps and exit polls on Election night, North Carolina will send a resounding message. The state, which voted for Barack Obama eight years ago and for Mitt Romney in 2012, is a must-win … Continue reading

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Deborah Ross Will Be Resigning from the NC House

A Classic Deborah Ross Moment Democratic legislator Deborah Ross, an outspoken advocate of women’s rights and other progressive causes, is resigning from a Legislature where Republicans hold a supermajority in both chambers and taking a job with an agency that … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Compromise

The following video details the House Judiciary Subcommittee A hearing on Friday afternoon, June 3rd. Rep. Deborah Ross  is commenting on a portion of HB 36 – E-Verify for state contractors in the opening. The bill’s sponsors reply to her … Continue reading

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Regulatory Control or Discrimination?


HB 805 will amend the requirements for applying for and receiving a name change. As stated in the video, the reason for this legislation is based on an example where a convicted rapist obtained a name change using misrepresentation to have … Continue reading

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North Carolina 2nd Amendment Legislation Held Hostage

 Here is this week’s agenda for House Judiciary Subcommittee A. Every piece of legislation being discussed this week is newer than the list of 2nd amendment, immigration and law enforcement legislation that this committee is holding back from being passed. … Continue reading

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Strange Bedfellows on Judicial Elections

House Bill 99 will amend our state’s constitution concerning vacancies in the offices of superior court judges and district attorneys. Justice Robert Orr joins with Rep. Deborah Ross to make this change for our judicial elections. As I listened to … Continue reading

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Whom Do Our Representatives Represent?

The following video from the HB 33 hearing at the General Assembly shows Bill Faison and Deborah Ross outlining their view of the “unintended consequences” of the passage of this legislation. HB 33 will protect the people of North Carolina … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences for Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aliens

Deborah Ross’s comments as outlined on this site concerning “Americans” did not reflect the unintended consequences of North Carolina’s policy to harbor illegal aliens by issuing driver’s licenses in exchange for votes. I am sure that the taxpayers in Mississippi … Continue reading

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Matricula Consular Identification Card Hearings


The Judicial Subcommittee A held a hearing on March 23 concerning HB 33. I saved the best video for last. David DeGerolamo Distinguished guest addresses the judicial subcommittee A:

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You Can’t Make This Up

Deborah Ross is an attorney and representative in the NC General Assembly who should choose her words more carefully. Since when it is discrimination to enforce the laws of the federal government? She is more concerned with the rights of … Continue reading

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