Whom Do Our Representatives Represent?

The following video from the HB 33 hearing at the General Assembly shows Bill Faison and Deborah Ross outlining their view of the “unintended consequences” of the passage of this legislation. HB 33 will protect the people of North Carolina and their opposition begs the question: whom do they represent?

Issuing Matricula Consular cards without verifying the identity of the person does nothing to protect the constituents who have elected these radical legislators. I have two questions for all members of the Judicial Subcommittee A:

1. Why was the Mexican Consulate speaking at this hearing?

2. Why were no law enforcement officers invited to speak?

Representatives Faison, Ross and Hill need to be exposed so that the people across our state know who is responsible for the state of our government.

David DeGerolamo

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Pam Reynolds
Pam Reynolds
10 years ago

I think we know who they represent. I have a question: where are the Republicans? I thought they controlled the General Assembly now. If this isn’t just another example of the Republicans not being the answer I don’t know what is. We should have cleaned everyone out in November and started over. I wonder about the Republicans future at this point. I do not think they have what it takes to do the right thing either.

Silence Dogood 2010
10 years ago

Ole Deborah Ross says “This might be the ONLY document that someone has.” Well then traitor Ross, if they don’t have a Passport or Visa then I guess that means they are here ILLEGALLY!

Respectfully submitted by SD2010!

10 years ago

I wonder if the darling Unitarian Counselor Ross would accept a Metricula ID along with insurance info following an abrupt rear-ender on the streets of Raleigh?

I wonder if she stopped to think that a Metricula ID could NOT be the only document “they have” before she opened her mouth and embarrassed herself along with the Mexican Consulate? After all, don’t they have to “prove” identity before issuing the card? I think that was the Mexican Consul General’s claim.

What pray tell is considered proof Counselor, hearsay?

I bet she wanted to say “photo” ID, but uttering such a word might connect the dots between vote fraud and illegal aliens so she dare not speak of such a thing…