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Appalachian Network PATCON – Tom Baugh


Tom Baugh describes a process for selecting a rural area, and the growing threat of the criminal + local corruption alliance. Topics covered include: – Dangerous assumptions / outdated views– Federal / local corruption parallels– Selective enforcement as a policy … Continue reading

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NCRenegade Makes MSNBC – More Sharpton Lies

I have a question for Al Sharpton since I was involved in organizing this seminar in Cary. Where did you come up with the League of the South sponsoring this event? Another new low in race baiting. David DeGerolamo

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Medical concerns in WROL

From YouTube: On my PRN show tonight http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doctorprepper/2012/10/13/the-practical-preppers-… I will address medical concerns for the preppers and also talk about issues of supplies, skills and even how to deal with the effects of death and what to do with dead bodies of … Continue reading

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Occupy DC Demands Release of Cop Killer [Explicit]

From YouTube: Accuracy in Media’s Brigette Namata pays a visit to the Occupy DOJ rally to see how good a grip the protesters have on inconvenient things like facts. Tales only get taller after 31 years it seems. Arrest for … Continue reading

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After Three Years (Not Four), It Was Just Too Good

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Resistance to the Community Reinvestment Act Is Futile

Our nation’s banks must submit to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s requirements of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). As shown in this video, Rep. Royce outlines that the CRA was a contributing factor in the housing crisis. “CRA acted as … Continue reading

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Want to be able to say you built this?

I don’t want to be able to say I supported the collapse of the United States. David DeGerolamo Friend — We’ve been emailing you about 2012 almost every day for the past eight months. In 11 days, it’s here. We’re … Continue reading

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DHS and FEMA Updates


Help Us Spread the Word – On November 9, “This is Only a Test” Over the last few weeks, we have highlighted the upcoming nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which is now less than ten days away. The … Continue reading

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Runaway Train Wreck – House Judiciary Subcommittee A

House Judiciary Subcommittee A is a prime example of why the people of North Carolina are not effectively represented by our state government. The people elect the members of the General Assembly to represent us in a republican form of … Continue reading

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Mandie Rose to Appeal Ruling in Superior Court


Mandie Rose is standing up and showing us her example of resistance to the overreaching authority of the federal government. This young mother’s conviction to fight for freedom should be an inspiration to all of us that resistance is not … Continue reading

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Interventionism and the Death Rattle of Free Markets

Today … an editorial in the Wall Street Journal: “… President Obama and his union-beholden appointees at the National Labor Relations Board, … have asked the courts to intervene and force Boeing to stop production in South Carolina. The NLRB wants Boeing … Continue reading

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Dessert of the Desert?

I was dumbstruck when I saw the article “Green Energy on a Gigawatt Scale” by Gene Wolf in the March 2011 issue of “Transmission & Distribution World”.  He references the “DESERTEC Solar Power Project” and includes a map of the project … Continue reading

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Who’s Got Your Dollar?

The dollar index is a measure of the value of the U.S. dollar relative to majority of its most significant trading partners. This index is similar to other trade-weighted indexes, which also use the exchange rates from the same major … Continue reading

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Talking Points, Corporate Welfare and Charter Schools


I attended an organizational meeting/protest for Moveon.org in Garner, NC on 3/15/11. This is the first of four videos covering the talking points that were handed out to attendees, corporate welfare and charter schools in North Carolina. The charge was … Continue reading

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