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Help Us Spread the Word – On November 9, “This is Only a Test”

Over the last few weeks, we have highlighted the upcoming nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which is now less than ten days away. The test will take place on Wednesday, November 9th at 2:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.  This system, commonly tested at the local level, will be tested across the entire country.

Our priority here at FEMA is to ensure all members of the public are aware of this test next week and understand that it is only a test – so we are counting on you to help spread the word in your communities, with your co-coworkers, neighbors, friends, and loved ones.  To help support this, FEMA has created a couple of videos that you can use to help explain what this test is and what people can expect.

The first video is of Administrator Craig Fugate and FEMA’s Neil McDevitt explaining the upcoming test and will also include an American Sign Language interpretation.  The second video is from FEMA’s Dawn Hart as she provides key information about the test in Spanish.


Visit the FCC website for more information about the test, including additional answers to some frequently asked questions.

Community Preparedness Webinar: Introduction to the National Disaster Recovery Framework

Join us Tuesday, November 8th to learn how the recently released National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) provides a more inclusive, collaborative and comprehensive approach to addressing disaster recovery issues and challenges. The NDRF defines how we will work together as a nation to best meet the disaster recovery needs of individuals, families, communities, and states.

The NDRF is based on the principle that all emergency management partners, including the private sector, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and individual citizens, as well as local, state, tribal and federal government agencies, have a role to play in the recovery process.  In catastrophic scenarios, leveraging Whole Community resources to meet the needs of disaster impacted communities is essential.  If you have a role in disaster recovery operations, you don’t want to miss this!

To join this free webinar on Tuesday November 8th at 1:50 p.m. EDT, click here. We ask that you register fifteen minutes prior to the start time.

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10 years ago

Only need to edit a few details in the article below to prep it for Nov 9 …

Nov 3, 5:55 PM EDT … Associated Press

Venezuela FM station says troops seize equipment

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The owner of a radio station in western Venezuela says dozens of National Guard soldiers have seized broadcasting equipment as part of an investigation launched by the country’s state telecommunications commission.

Jose Ramon Socorro says about 50 armed soldiers entered Kalor 91.1 FM and took away the equipment.

Socorro calls Thursday’s incident an armed assault. He says the troops did not provide details on the reason for the investigation or confiscation.

Representatives of the state telecommunications commission have not answered telephone calls seeking comment.

Press freedom watchdogs have accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of trying to suppress the country’s independent media.

Zero Cool
10 years ago


What does the Venezuela incident have anything to do with our EAS test on Nov 9, 2012? The announcement by FEMA to inform everyone was great PSA in preparation. If FEMA had not done this and an actual emergency would have occurred and some people were to have been injured as a result of not being alerted, you would be all over FEMA for not doing their job. So please let do not attempt to drawing any correlation, or conspiracies theories from the Venezuela incident. The people in our country are already scared enough and suffering great anxiety, so please do not add gasoline to the fire. We do not need to sensationalize this EAS test on NOV 9, 2012.

Yourself and David are beginning to “Yell fire in a crowded theater”, which we know where that leads to.

10 years ago
Reply to  Zero Cool

With regard to EAS and FEMA:

1. We had an Emergency Broadcast System in place for 50 years that did not require the nationwide shutdown of all broadcast media. It was not used or needed to inform people about the attack on NYC, 11 September 2001.

2. FEMA did not exist for most of the existence of this country and people recovered from natural and other disasters through their individual and community initiatives. FEMA is not authorized in the powers enumerated in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution. FEMA should be defunded and disbanded.

‘Sum ergo cogito’ … I am, therefore I think …

And I will draw whatever inferences I wish.

Zero Cool
10 years ago

Hans and Admin, you both are correct, but let’s not make more of this EAS test than it really is. Its only a test initiated nationally at one time. It’s not a shut-down of anything, and it’s no different then the current weekly and monthly EAS tests conducted, only this time all at once.

It’s the interference made between the Venezuelan incident and our EAS test that I find amusing and misleading to the readers of this blog. Like someone said, let the readers decide.

10 years ago
Reply to  Zero Cool

If a broadcaster must comply with an automated “request” to suspend programming, under the subtle threat of license non-renewal …

… the EAS test event is a shutdown.

Def: “Shutdown” -- Verb, cease to operate or cause to cease operating

You may be amused, but you certainly are not amusing.

10 years ago


Hans has no idea what is going on. Hans, go sip some wine and chill!