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It isn’t just Lindsey Graham that is a stupid, stupid jackass. If you’re buying any of this, “Everything’s fine! We actually WON on ObamaCare, and Roberts is a genius!” jackassery, then go look in the mirror and behold the Sombrero … Continue reading

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Power To The Admiring Serfs

I am grateful to Justice Roberts for making the last fatal decision of the Supreme Court. It has taken the mask of righteousness away from that body for good. They cannot go back, they cannot appear true arbiters of Constitutionality. … Continue reading

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I want there to be some sort of digital record showing that not every single person in this godforsaken country was a coward and an imbecile – Ann Barnhardt

SURPRISED? NOPE. SOLUTION? JUNTA. LIKELY? NOPE. Am I surprised at this morning’s news? No. The only thing that is the least bit surprising is that it was Roberts, who was heretofore considered a “constructionist”, and not Kennedy, who finally put … Continue reading

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