100 Bottles of Beer

For Ashli B.

Time to take one down, gents.

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1 year ago

Hear, hear!

1 year ago

My sincere condolences to Ashli’s family.

The deep state and its minions are slowly picking at our ranks. Be careful out there.

1 year ago

50,000 veterans need to show up at Ashli’s funeral

1 year ago
Reply to  LT

If the Vets “show up” then the Citizens will show up like at Bundy Ranch but much better armed this time.
When and Where, hopefully not “If…..if” as Sholtzenitzen lamented from the Gulag.
the democRats will overreach, they are ProgreSSives after all, they cannot help themselves, they must Compulsively Move Forward like the Tyrants they are.
We must be pre-pared to Respond Quickly and build up ongoing support within days.

1 year ago

Regardless of your opinion of Ashli Babbit and her actions, all patriots should praise her as a martyr of American Liberty. All should praise Babbit regardless of the truth, whatever it may be, just as the Sons of Liberty did after the death of Christopher Seider and the Boston Massacre (5-KIA & 6-WIA), which from a legal stand point all 6 patriots murdered in the two incidents were justified homicides due to self-defense. The Sons of Liberty propaganda turned all 6 into martyrs for American Liberty.

God bless Ashli Babbit, she is a martyr for American Liberty and was murdered by a Red Coat agent. Just as Christopher Seider, Crispus Attucks, and Jane McCrea were murdered by Red Coat agents in the American Revolution.

Christopher Seider, First Casualty of the American Revolution
February 22, 1770
Patriot colonists organized a protest of a local grocery store that was selling British goods and not following the boycott.
Ebenezer Richardson, a British Customs Agent, attempted to break up the protest and the crowd turned on him by throwing rocks at him and chasing him home.
The crowd then surrounded the Richardson home and began throwing rocks and eventually breaking a window and striking Richardson’s wife.
Following Richardson’s wife being struck, he felt threatened and fired twice into the crowd.
Both rounds struck eleven year old Christopher Seider who would eventually die of his wounds.
Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty organized Seider’s funeral which 2,000 citizens of Boston and New England attended.
This funeral turned Seider into America’s first martyr.

The Boston Massacre
March 5, 1770
A young Boston man confronts a British guard and gets a musket buttstock to the face.
A crowd begins to form around the guard and gets larger and larger and more disorderly.
The crowd is now shouting insults and daring the guard to fire his weapon while throwing snowballs and oyster shells at him.
Captain Preston and seven soldiers come to support the guard. By this time the crowd is over 200 people.
The crowd continues to dare the soldiers to fire their weapons while throwing objects at them.
Private Montgomery is struck in the head with a club and is knocked down. He gets to his feet and fires his weapon into the crowd.
There is a pause and then all the soldiers fire.
In the end 5 colonists are killed and 6 seriously wounded.

Crispus Attucks, an American Patriot, and son of an African American father and American Indian mother. It is disputed historically if he was a freeman or a runaway slave. Either way, Attucks is one of the five colonists killed by British soldiers during the Boston Massacre, and as Kachun’s book title states a Martyr of Liberty. Though, I would argue Christopher Seider is the first American martyr of liberty. Attucks is an African American and American Indian martyr to the Glorious Cause. The other victims of the Boston Massacre were Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Coldwell, and Patrick Carr.

The murder of Jane McCrea on June 27, 1777, by Wyandot scouts of John Burgoyne’s British Army turned the entire backcountry of America once and for all against the British for the rest of the American Revolution. This occurred at the outset of the Saratoga Campaign.