9 things to know about Antony Blinken, the next US secretary of state



The line of succession is Vice-President, Speaker of the House, President pro tempore of the Senate and then Secretary of State.

1. Europeanist, multilateralist, internationalist

Tony Blinken’s ties to Europe are lifelong, deep and personal — and he is a fierce believer in the transatlantic alliance.

“Put simply, the world is safer for the American people when we have friends, partners and allies,” Blinken said in 2016. He has described Europe as “a vital partner” and has dismissed the Trump administration’s plans to remove U.S. troops from Germany as “foolish, it’s spiteful, and it’s a strategic loser. It weakens NATO, it helps Vladimir Putin, and it harms Germany, our most important ally in Europe.”

On every major foreign policy issue — terrorism, climate, pandemics, trade, China, the Iran nuclear deal — he has a recurring mantra: the U.S. should work with its allies and within international treaties and organizations. Blinken also views U.S. leadership in multilateral institutions as essential. “There is a premium still, and in some ways even more than before, on American engagement, on American leadership,” Blinken said earlier this year.

2. Francophone and -phile



Why is it important to know about Tony Blinken? Everyone knows Joe Biden’s days are numbered. His dementia precludes him from being President. Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen so she is not eligible to be President once Biden is out of the picture. That leaves the Secretary of State who is the epitome of a one world order leader.

David DeGerolamo

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9 months ago

Sorta sounds like we are screwed. New mind we have been getting bent over a log for years now by the uni-party and all its followers.

9 months ago

“Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen”
Then she is not eligible to be Vice President. But we have already had and non natural born citizen to be president.

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
9 months ago
Reply to  tangle

Not only was he not a natural born citizen, his BC was a proven forgery that took almost 2 terms to prove. And, during his last term in office I do recall that he sought a 3rd term.
Not Naming Any Name…

9 months ago
Reply to  DRenegade

I should have posted the part from the Constitution. Thanks

Carolyn Flynn
Carolyn Flynn
9 months ago

The next in line of succession is NOT secy if state. It’s speaker of the house.