16 Ways to Improve Online Privacy

Online security is a major issue, between bad actors and bad governments, and our data is significantly at risk all of the time. The following is an article that has some suggestions that will help mitigate some of this. Hope you find it interesting and helpful. -HT

Let’s learn how to improve online privacy. Everywhere you turn, there’s another article about a data breach with some company with which you have done business, or a social media platform you frequent, or the doctor’s office, or any number of other entities that have your information. It’s impossible to live in today’s world without having some of your information circulating “out there”, but there are some definite steps you can take to reduce your visibility, protect your privacy, and avoid scams, phishing, viruses that can collect your data from your computer without you even knowing it, and hackers. Perhaps you’ve gotten the dreaded ransomware popup on your screen, demanding that you send $300, or $3000 to some offshore company to get a code to release your information. Blam. Right in the middle of your busy day, now you have to deal with that.

Here are some ideas that you can, and should take to protect your online identity. Most are very easy, some take a little more effort, but all are worth it. So far (knocking on wood right now as I write this) these tips have protected my family and all of our computers from these possibilities, and we are always working toward additional steps to thwart attacks.

First, let’s talk about that ubiquitous device, your smart phone, otherwise known as your personal let-me-pay-you-to-spy-on-me device. That’s right, your device spies on you all the time. Much of this can be prevented if you take the steps listed below…. Now, this is not an exhaustive list, and some of the functions on your smart phone might be considered important, especially if you’ve never learned to read a map, and reply on electronic GPS. Just take a moment to consider that you are giving away your location every moment of every day, possibly having private conversations recorded even when you are not on your phone, and providing big data-brokers with an endless supply of revenue while you pay them to spy on you.

Stop doing that.


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