3 attacks in 5 Days…Sabotage by Israel or just another fire?

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8 days ago

I always enjoy listeniung to SouthernPrepperOne’s short videos because he does not incessantly repeat the same point of view or proposed idea.
Wish that other presenters would follow his lead……

8 days ago

Iran is and has been a threat to Israel. This is not about the military industrial complex. This is all about Israel keeping her people safe and free from attacks. Unlike America and our wide open southern border Israel cares. I do not believe that Israel acts without considering all possibilities. Everyone knows except the idiots running Iran that there are idiots running Iran! All of this boils down to a simple equation. Mind your own business and keep your hands to yourself = Life. Endanger Israel and her citizens = Death.

7 days ago
Reply to  Doug

You also need to remember Israel’s size.
Area-wise, even with Judea and Samaria, it’s the size of Massachusetts.
North to south it’s 263 miles; at its widest is 71 miles. Israel literally has no “strategic depth” to it at all.