4 Dead, 18 Injured in Saudi Arabian Riots

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Increasing Saudi Arabian Riots Against Ethiopians and other foreigners

From YouTube:

They don’t want to live in Saudi Arabia like the other people with right papers and immigration. The government gave them more than 7 months to correct their situation, but they don’t want to do that, and in the same time they don’t want to come back to their country !


Eighteen people, including Saudis, were injured when riots erupted in Souk Hijab in Riyadh’s Naseem district Saturday night.

A group of illegal African workers, most of them Ethiopians, started inciting Saudis that led to the clashes.

The Ethiopians provoked Saudis at the Souk that triggered the clashes, said an eyewitness. Several people suffered injuries in the clashes and were admitted to a local city hospital. One of them is said to be critical.

The eyewitness said: “The situation was brought under control after a number of rioters were detained by the police.”

About unconfirmed reports of the death of any policeman or worker, Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, spokesman of the Interior Ministry, said: “I have not heard about any casualty … Riyadh police will be able to provide more details.”
Arab News could not reach the Riyadh police chief for comment, but there were unconfirmed reports that five persons including a policeman were killed in the clashes.

A Saudi, who was at the souk during the clashes said: “Tension flared up when some workers harassed women and made nasty comments.”

Four people including two Ethiopians, one Saudi and one Sudanese have so far died during riots in Riyadh.


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7 years ago

Here is the thing most don’t realize about Saudi Arabia. There is no tourist industry there. No one may visit there without government approval and sponsorship by a corporation or wealthy individual. Saudis bring third-world nationals in by the tens of thousands to do menial work and then make virtual slaves of them because most Saudis do not believe in hard work. Foreigners can not leave without the permission of their sponsor and the government. You don’t want foreigners, stop bringing them in and learn how to work Saudis.